Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dalton Crags & Hutton Roof 13th May 2010

A lovely morning.....
It was so noticeable that there had been a increase in the Garden Warbler population with at least six singing birds (mainly in the Dalton Crags area), but the odd couple in the open areas near the rotting wood piles. I only heard one Blackcap calling (near Quarry Car Park). Lots of Willow Warblers with maybe up to ten singing birds. One Chiffchaff calling. Only one Tree Pipit calling and displaying at the regular place on entering the open area with rotting wood piles. (Click over photo once, then click over again for full enlargement)...

Other birds recorded: Goldfinch (a couple near quarry Car Park), a couple of Buzzards, one high up soaring, and another at rest on a tree in Lancelot Clark Storth. Also Overhead Linnets and Redpoll. One Swallow going through heading NW.

Flowers: Early Purple Orchids (one singular in Dalton Crags) and a small group near the Trig with at least 30 flowering heads. Lots of primrose and Cowslips (mainly in bottom half of open area with rotting wood piles. Tormental, Barren Strawberry, Dandelion, Bugle, Common Dog Violet. Back in Quarry picnic area there was a Purplish Vetch type flower,

Butterflies: 5 Speckled Wood in ride at top of Dalton Crags, 2 Large White, 2 Peacock in Car Park Quarry. Moths: A Speckled Yellow (near rotting wood piles - open area)

Insects: A social wasp with vivid orange towards its back end..

On way down from the Trig point, it was nice to bump into a lovely couple who were also Rossendalians hailing from the lovely place "Whitworth". They have a caravan up here at Capernwray and where doing one of their regular walks today, along with their little black dog. It was obvious that they too loved this place and had spent quite sometime here over the recent years.