Monday, 28 March 2011

Trig-happy Shrike and Chiffchaffs etc etc.

0800hrs - 1230hrs (Please click over photos to enlarge, click again to supersize)

Noticing this last few days the blossom has been out up here. Went up to Trig via Slape Lane, Burton Fell approach and Lancelot, and seemed to take ages to reach the Trig.

On way up Slape Lane had lots of Wood Anemone (still closed not sunny enough at 0800hrs) and also lots of Dog Violets on the floors of the hedgerows.

A Chiffchaff was singing in the wood opposite Pickles Wood off Slape Lane. Then shortly after entering the approach to Burton Fell, I had 5 separate Chiffchaffs singing their ditties! On entering Lancelot I heard a Redwing go through above me.

Took photograph of small flower found on the mound of a Meadow Ant colony, can only think it might be Rue Leaved Saxifrage. On the same mound was the most beautiful coloured "Purple Moor Grass".

After leaving Lancelot and going over the stile to the Common, It was a lovely suprise to see the Shrike immediately on the hawthorn NE of the Trig, only some 20 metres away from the Trig itself (see photo). It stayed around the area E and NE of the Trig for the next couple of hours being constantly semi-mobbed by scores of Meadow Pipits and also on one occasion mobbed by a party of 6 Redpoll. Now and again it was seen to dive down and catch prey. On one occasion in particular it was seen to catch a Lizard with success. By about 1130hrs it had moved around and gone back down into the Dalton (deforested area) and was seen from the Trig, sentinel on one of the larger trees far down on the Dalton side.

Vismig stuff: (0930hrs-1200hrs) all N/NW unless stated otherwise.

A single Swallow which was hawking the Common for at least 15 minutes before continuing North.

Meadow Pipits were going through fairly regular with 222 during the time I was present at the Trig, best parties were: 6,5,9,5,5,10,9,6,10,14,6)

Also had a few Redpoll going through: 13 (best party 6, the rest pairs or singles). They are also holding territory down in Dalton.

Siskin: 2

Alba Wagtail: 2

Chaffinch: 1

Other Stuff: A pair of Stonechat within 30 yards of Trig. A pair of Buzzards.