Thursday, 30 June 2011

"Trimphone Calling" (29th June 2011)

“Trimphone calling” (29th June 2011)

In this channel, I can hear, but cannot see beyond this hedge,
In the distance is a train, rumbling, repetitive, the sound we know so well.
It’s a high speed train, probably a Virgin on her way to Glasgow or Edinboro,
Next stop Oxenholme. About now is the time the buffet will be delivered!
It was great passing through all the fabulous countryside on its way to the City.
Soon it will be our turn once again…can’t wait! …

Straightaway going down this footpath your, met with lots and lots of flies!
I wouldn’t mind if they where “May Flies” and danced pretty and hovered.
But they are not that sort at all, they are nuisance flies wanting to attack and bite.
Hedgerows so green, all shades of green, light and dark, like lime and emerald,
Just here and there magenta shows through where Campion hangs its head.

This lane in part, is dark, and canopied where each sides trees have met,
Yet interspersed with dots and dashes of light, some still, some flickering.
If a child so exciting it would be, today I will be a child and it will excite me!
You could be going through catacombs, or the trenches of World War II,
And making such a special memory, as children do.

Sunny so it was at last, and butterflies, graced the air and danced,
And twirled and fluttered all around, like waltzing fairies in the sky.
Large and small fritillaries, Heaths, Ringlets, Skippers and Admirals,
But not so much the Tortoiseshell, who still recovers not so well…

To hear a “trimphone” so many years on, where could that sound be from?
His five minute show was to mimic others, like Oystercatcher and Curlew,
He was a very special Thrush who sang from the highest tree!
How old are you Mr. Thrush? you aren’t that old, but offer a mime so bold.
Will there be more of this to come, maybe on another day.

Chiffchaffs calling like that clock, but winding down so droll a sound,
Buzzards, circling with wings open wide, a good four foot from side to side,
“Pee-you”, is what you normally call, but today you are so silent, so stealth!
Roe deer are barking from wood to wood, honing their contact skills,
Badgers have been scratching or digging to find their beetles for their fills.

I heard a Yellowhammer calling from on the Fell above the Seat!,
Whilst I watched butterflies, on Thyme, and having such a treat,
I searched and searched for Orchid red, but far too early my book said.
I need to check out lots more things, on another day, God willing…