Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Snippets of Wealth (August 2018)

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Now then back to our "Snippets of Wealth"

Dor Beetle

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings August 7th and 8th 2018 - Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell. "Red Kite and Willow Warblers" In fairness, I guess I earnt my soaking this morning, it came just as we arrived at the high point on the Holme Park Fell. My purpose was twofold, first I wanted to check out any possible migrants on the move and Holme Stinted Pastures and Holme Park Fell is a very good place especially for small warblers and then any Wheatears or Whinchats passing through. It was not disappointing with a few Willow Warblers present over the last two mornings, some which you struggled to even get a contact call, but one particular bird that was in quiet song mode and repeatedly would do a full line of its song. There is no way of telling whether these are late resident birds, but I would have expected them to be visitors just calling off on their way back South. Never had any chats today but they will come very soon! Yesterday I had a pleasant surprise over the Stints with a Red Kite high above us and heading North West.
My other challenge today was to check out the regular haunts of the Autumn Gentian which usually grow in good numbers along the tracks of Holme Park Fell, but just has I had thought I was about three weeks too early and has yet no evidence of the little beauties showing.
Along the way had a Dor Beetle sort of staggering from side to side as they do whilst negotiating their many hurdles! A single Grayling butterfly and a splash of colour with small clumps of Wild Thyme and also Squinancywort, and Ploughman’s Spikenard

Ploughmans Spikenard