Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A short video of Leighton's Roosting Starlings from last Saturday 12th December 2009

And here's another very short video just seconds before going down to roost again from "Island Mere" Leighton, on Saturday 12th December 2009.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gait Barrows - Friday 4th December 2009

Here is a selection of photos taken yesterday at Gait Barrows. 1) Forestry Management 2) above - Fungi resembling climbing stones 3) upper right - Fruit Berries of Spindlewood.  4) middle left - Gait Barrows Cairn to mark the opening of the Nature Reserve.  5) middle right - Staircase  6) Bottom left - Pavement view looking towards Arnside Knott. 7) bottom right - close up view of pavement.  Click over photos to enlarge...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hutton Roof via Dalton Crags

It was a fair old day so had a walk up Dalton Crags on Hutton Roof and went maybe some 300 yards further than the Trig Point, before returning the same route. I looked everywhere for the Great Grey Shrike (last reported seen on 30th November 2009), but today was not the day. Had a pair of Mistle Thrushes, and could hear Golden Plover (whether overhead or coming from the Ploverlands direction, I am not sure.
On way down met up with 3 other birders from Bradford. I already knew one of these guys from a meet up earlier in the year at Gait Barrows, they to where looking for the "Shrike", combining it with a day out at Leighton Moss.

Heathwaite & Arnside Tower 30th Nov 2009

Arnside Knott taking in the splendid views, went via Heathwaite, slight detour to Arnside Tower and then back via the Knott...

Photo top left: of the junction of footpaths to the Tower and to the Knott.

top right: A very large fungi growth or something which maybe 2ft in diameter gripping the main trunk of this Birch.

Centre left: Looking across from Heathwaite Arnside, across the Bay.

Centre right: Arnside Tower

Bottom left: Heathwaite looking across the Bay with sun setting

Botom right: Heathwaite....

We finished off by going to watch the Starlings come in to roost at Leighton Moss.  It seemed the ideal position parked alongside the road across from the "Island Mere" closeby where the Egrets come to roost.  It was so good I filed the photos on the next blog....