Friday, 11 February 2011

Thurs Feb 10th 2011 - Slape/Burton Fell/Lancelot

(along Slape Lane)
Orangy jelly fungus on rotten spent timber,
whilst Snowdrops show and daffodils in stalk..
Chaffinch cross in front of me and bleat their call.
whilst fog, with just a little sun fights to show,
remnant pheasants strut and then run,
Tits alarm calls along this "hawk corridor".

At game crop, Chaffinch rise in regular pulse moves,
Like thirty at a time, been tucking in to the old Sunflower.
Treecreeper and Nuthatch can be heard,
The first buzzing like electricity, the second,
with just such explosive cackle slaps!
on reaching Curwen's seat the yaffler calls,
whilst pigeon noisily makes his haste.

(In Burton Fell)
Jelly Ear spread on dead leaning branch against its wall,
Owl or hawk shrieks its lonesome cries,
Great Tit calls with one of its many repetitive tunes,
Raven above does noisily honk, whilst Buffinches weak call doth peeu.

(In Lancelot)
Woodcutters saws can be heard towards the BAP seat,
Whilst Crows cawed and Jays shrieked,
Low sun makes it difficult to see, either dark or light doth flicker.

(Returning via Slape)
Noisily bomber aeroplanes drench the tranquility,
Yet birds sing through it without a care.
The corridor hedgerow, flickers of light like a silent movie beam,
"flicks" thats what it was called!
Soon, paracetamol may care the head, I shall but later bear,
But for today its been, such a worthy stare..