Saturday, 8 December 2012

Max Ming's Confab (Waxwings on Arnside Knott)

Waxwings having a chat about where are the food sources?  Arnside Knott of course!
Vismigging for me as been finished now for a few weeks and a little job I had to do was to redo the sketch at the bottom and to add some new detail, so please enjoy.

Today been up to the Trig Point starting from Plain Quarry, Dalton.  A beautiful morning but little to see or hear, just the odd Redwing.  Wow! I'm told up to 200 Waxwings over at Arnside Knott........

Added 11th Dec 2011 - Went up to Arnside Knott yesterday and had one party of about 15 birds.  Told earlier there had been a party of around 70 present plus other small parties. Did a little sketch above!

Added 12th Dec 2012 - Reports on Lancaster and District Birdwatching Society site of up to 350 Waxwings present on Arnside Knott, yesterday afternoon (11th Dec 2012).

I have now uploaded quite a lot (but not all yet) of my Limestone Pavement photos which you may wish to view. A couple of these very special pavements lie hidden amongst the trees in Dalton or Hutton Roof. Just click here to check out and then select and click over to enlarge, and then if you still want full screen viewing, point your mouse cursor to the top edge of the photo and a new tab which says "zoom or original" will appear, so click here and it should open in full screen.

Please enjoy,

                                                          A redo of my Epipactis Practice Sketch