Thursday, 9 April 2020

Willow Warbler (Phlloscopus trochilus and Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)

Northern Greenland Wheatear (Oenanthe o. leucorrhoa)
Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)


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Today (April 10th 2015) I also witnessed 
"A Confusion of Willow Warblers" 
whilst up on Hutton Roof birdwatching
other collective nouns are known to be: 

"A bouquet" or a "fall"  or a "wrench" of Willow Warblers
Willow Warbler family is "Sylviidae"
"Flying in the dark through a moonlit sky,
Falling from high like little angels,
Floating down on a wavering leaf,
The confusion has now begun.
Our dear little Willow Warbler"

Daytime closed you was not seen,

Whilst morning wakes your plenty,
So tred so soft our leaf explorer,
A “bouquet” of special prize to us,
Our dear little Willow Warbler

Your music is a descending tale,
Which finish the year hou whit,
A choir with pairs sings thy will,
A “Fall” would be a lot of thee,
Our dear little Willow Warbler

Sylvia’s hand of lucid intricacy

You thread that weave so delicately,
To house and raise a splendid cast,
It’s a start to a “Wrench” fulfilled
Our dear little Willow Warbler 
(Poem written on 10th April 2015)


Numbers of Willow Warblers on Hutton Roof

I need to check my diaries but just from memory I do remember having well over 100 singing birds across the route.
This is not to say all these birds singing actually remained on Hutton Roof, I doubt that very much! some will have moved on to find their particular patches, although I do expect that we probably do have somewhere between 50 and 100 pairs on Hutton Roof throughout.

Sir Lancelot  -  (8th April 2020)

Exercise by Lancelot's side
without a sword of fire!
for here lies the best, the very best,
his offering lands to bear.....

Which today my applaud, dear Lance,
with Clarky and Miss A Note too,
Your knights have travelled the night,
to seven as bold as told.

(7 Chiffchaffs arrived recently)

And now a confusion of Warblers sing,
with four to heed the chase in conifer flutter and craze,
As bold as will our Sylviidae to wrench another fall,
With six as plaintive a bouquet can be.

(6 Willow Warblers arrived recently)

Blazen and bold the quickening Blackcap told,
Of his travels from distant lands
His search to find his Browncap mate,
in haste, for his race is on

(2 Blackcaps arrived recently)

A Confusion of Willow Warblers is a regular thing

Together with yesterdays (8th April 2020), confusion, also I have witnessed the same on 10th April 2015 whilst on Hutton Roof, I have also seen it in Spring on the Lancaster Canal with at least ten birds ( at 2000hrs on April 16th 2013) and also I have seen it at Little Haweswater, Nr. Gait Barrows on Autumn migration with again at least ten birds.