Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weathers bin horrendous tha nus - Mid October 2011

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Mid October 2011 - Weathers bin horrendous, tha nus.

Weathers bin horrendous, tha nus,
Have been up tu roof last couple of days,
But thas no chance of burds comin thru on migration,
Its bin blewin gales, and it's bin rainin cats and dogs,
Sometimes its been bin foggy, so tha cud'nt see.
But that's not just here tha nus,
All Cownty's same, and tuther one as well.
Have bin measuring wind in miles per Are,
Its measured 30 or moor last day or two!
But some want it measured, bowfut style!
Why du tha want it bowfut? Wer not owt at sea!
From boots to wellies to go up Slape,
Its muddy now, but wait till maze goes,
Then tha'll sink in it, good un proper.
A doount fancy sinkin in mud aggen,
Glasses r getting steamed up every five minits,
Could do with sum little wipers on front oth them glasses.
By the left, when watter comes round here,
It comes alreet, and floods all fields round village,
Like Little Tarns are everyweer,
In it a grand place to bi......
A wudent change it fur Word....

Bryan Yorke (Mid Oct 2011)