Monday, 28 September 2020


See below for the new Cloud and Sunrise photo blog, I will be updating more shortly.


"FOR UP TO DATE" 2020 Visible Bird Migration records Click over this link

The new Orchid book "Britains Orchids" by Sean Cole and Mike Waller - please click this link for details.

Varieties of our local Hutton Roof Gentians and the reason for the 50/50 Purple and White, plus my research survey results. Plus "Upland Enchanters Nightshade (circae x intermedia)

 More Autumn Gentian photos (2020) can be seen here

Northern Greenland Wheatear (Oenanthe o. leucorrhoa)
Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)

This is my Cloud and Sunrise photos which I take early on during the vismig season (early morning count birds on their migrations from up on Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal.  The sunrises usually are over Hutton Roof or Dalton Areas.  Please enjoy.

Saturday October 31st 2020 (below)

Wednesday October 28th 2020 (below)

Tuesday October 27th 2020 (below)

Monday October 19th 2020 (below)

Owain (the weatherman) on BBC North West included this photo on the tele 19th October 2020. 

Wednesday October 6th 2020 (below)

Monday October 5th 2020 (below)

Sunday October 4th 2020 (below)

skyscapes from Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs on 4th Oct 2020

Friday October 2nd 2020 (below)

Also shows crows leaving their roost - Burton In Kendal looking over Hutton Roof

Tuesday September 29th 2020 (below

The above 7 photos show how the mist was filling in the valley over Burton In Kendal and towards Farleton Knott and the Lakes in general.

Monday September 28th 2020 (below)

All the above photos were showing the sunrise looking over Hutton Roof at about 0700hrs. 

26th September 2020 (below)

24th September 2020 (below)

All the above were taken on 24th September 2020

31st October 2019