Thursday, 15 November 2012

Checking the birds in Dalton and Lancelot - Thr 15th November 2012

Dalton this morning -Tall and straight and spent leaves
Its that time of the year again for me when things start to quieten down in regards to the visible migration.

I have been up Dalton and Lancelot over the past couple of days looking out for maybe the GGS, nothing as shown as yet although I did have a false alarm yesterday whilst in Lancelot.  Quiet in general, with the odd 40 plus roving parties of Fieldfare mainly feeding from the open floor areas, with some also on the berries. Odd Redwing amongst the parties making their "kwa" at roost call.  Also still some Goldfinches feeding here and there and the odd party still heading South.

Only moderate amounts of berries on the hawthorns this year, so whether there will be enough to attract the Waxwings to the area, time will tell.  Reports today on (South Cumbria Birds Blog) that a Short Eared Owl was present yesterday at Dalton Crags.