Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dog Lichen, Cladonia's and other gems!

Today I had a change from the usual by going over the other side of Dalton to the beautiful gorge near to Majors Nursery.  It wasn't long before I heard the chaffing of overhead Fieldfare and see-ipping of Redwing. Until disturbed they had been enjoying the berries being offered up by the mature hawthorns which lined part of the track. I could not help but think about the last time I had walked along this same section of track I had been observing a lovely male Common Redstart singing his song with the electro buzzing sound which he offers so splendid. This beauty for now long gone and keeping warm, somewhere down in the African continent.

Soon the beautiful gorge appears and from its sides you hear the calls from stray pheasants making communication with one another, for today they were the lucky ones who had escaped the shoot!  I also saw a Green Woodpecker, but no yaffle was offered he was silent whilst clinging in vertical posture against his thin straight upright tree.

Dog Lichen (Click over to enlarge)
The next wonder to catch my eye was what at first looked very much like "burnt leaves" on the sandy heathland track floor , and seemed at first  almost camouflaged by the surrounding leaf foliage, but these were dark greenier to almost black and with the in out weaving lobes you come to expect with some of the commoner oak leaf structures, yet these also offered that perfect white border. Also the underside was white and downy with white root like growths which I think kept the lichen attached to its acidy floor.

Now thinking about it, I had seen them several of times before whilst on areas of the Hutton Roof complex, but for some reason today those early memories had at first eluded me as to just what where they?  You could not help thinking maybe they were some form of fungi!  no, no, I quickly found out (thanks to a kind reminder from friend Mike V) that they were the Dog Lichen and of the family "Pettigera" and maybe of the variety (canina!).

Cladonia (Click over to enlarge)
Closeby and in multitude the banksides were amassed with Cladonia, I remembered this one OK, but guess it would be a minefield to try and establish just which variety they were.  A beautiful sight to see with them having taken over tree stumps, or old fallen long rested decaying forlorn branches of nearby tree remains  together also taking over parts of the mossy embankment itself.  For me the closer you look at these the more beautiful they become. Some were quite large and 2" in height and gave a "staghorn" appearance.  Others you noticed were like "golfers tees" in structure whilst others were just upright bendy sticks with a depression at the head.  Looking close at some of the golfers tees I noticed that their cup perimeters did have extremely small (to the eye) red dots showing at measured intervals, but think perhaps you would need the x10 glass to check them out properly.  I have included a couple more photographs here.

Cladonia - staghorn look 2" high

On the same embankment was another really interesting species which again unless you looked really close "it would not bear fruit with you".  Looking from my references I gather it to be called Baeomyces rufus (see photo below), at least thats what it looks like to me! and all the criteria seems to match OK.  The Brown sporing bodies could easily be overlooked and are truly amazing when you take the "macro" shot!

Baeomyces rufus I think!
I get very few records of the Hard Fern (Blicant spicant) on Hutton Roof itself, simply because its a area of limestone, although there are one or two small pockets of acidity areas where this species can be found.  But here today on this side "acid ground" was no problem and the species could be identified in lots of small areas within a 100ft radius sector.

I have also included below a couple of photos of both the Cladonia with  its "Golfers Tees" and another photo of the lovely hard fern (Blechnum spicant)

Cladonia (click over to enlarge)
Hard Fern (Blechnum spicant)

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Great Grey Shrike etc on Hutton Roof

Shrikes recorded look outs, in Dalton and Hutton Roof
(Please click over image to enlarge)
(Tuesday 25th November 2014) "5 years since last November visit"

0900hrs to 1200hrs  -  On approach to Trig Point and walking up the main track leading through the Dalton upper (deforested area) and sure enough Mr. Shrike was sat on the uppermost branch of the largest of the trees which are set quite near (30 yards) to the gate entry where you leave from Dalton and onto the Common.  He left there and flew over the Common and somewhere presumed to far side.

 Whilst using the Trig Point has a main look out post I soon relocated him sat on a low 15ft tree which sort of projects itself through the middle of a thick crop of blackthorn which lies to the South East of the Trig and lies to the base of the escarpment. Before long he was lost again and it was decided to take the small path which runs East from the Trig Point. After 100 yards approx I relocated him yet again sat on top of a small hawthorn tree which is set half way up the side of the escarpment.  Again lots of good views of him before he set off again tree hopping and then out of site.  After a short time he was relocated in the trees at the top of Dalton deforested quite close to the old Shrike tree.  From here he moved further down Dalton crossing over from one side to the other and close to the Blackthorn on the Crag House side.  From there he flew over the wall on the Crag House side and lost from site.  Also had two Green Woodpeckers, Male and Female Stonechat sat on the wall (Crag House side of Dalton deforested), a few Fieldfare, a couple of Cronking Ravens and also told of a Brambling calling from within the large mixed finch party currently sent near to the Plain Quarry Car Park.

It was great to see so many keen observers this morning which included many from the Lancaster Bird Club and it was lovely to meet up with everyone again. David, Simon, Keith (Arnside), Peter, Tom, John and Keith (Lancaster)

Historic Shrikes on Hutton Roof: (From my own personal records and monitored daily during their presence)

Previously to my own records which start from 2009 the Shrike was recorded during November during the years 2007 and 2008.

I had the great pleasure to witness the Shrike from the 4th November 2009 when he stayed with us up to the 30th November 2009 (26 days) this was the last time it was seen on Hutton Roof during the month of November until now (5 years ago)!

Other past historic Shrike dates I recorded on Hutton Roof:

March 10th 2010 and left 27th March 2010 (total of 17 days)

also March 7th 2011 and left 10th April 2010 (total of 34 days)

I am beginning to think that the birds we see on Hutton Roof are possibly birds calling off during both their Autumn and Spring annual migrations from possibly the Scandinavian countries and heading to Spain or the Mediterranean.

Another Shrike recorded yesterday from Hawkshead.  Also birds still down at Lytham and also over in Grindleton as well.


(Wednesday 26th November 2014)
(1400hrs to 1515hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Great Grey Shrike present at 1430hrs 150 yards East/South East of Trig Point on top of straggling tree which comes out from the centre of large blackthorn area which lies to bottom of escarpment (Looking from the Trig, line up with the Timber Yard at Hutton Roof).  This is becoming a popular area for the Shrike having now been seen within this same area on three separate occasions. Seen flitting about for over 45 minutes and the last sighting I had and still there on leaving was at 50 yards initially and then further back to 120 yards on a large tree North/North North West of the Trig Point and still on the Hutton Roof Common.
(Thursday 27th November 2014)
(0900hrs to 1015hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Great Grey Shrike present at 0915hrs on top of right hand side large tree which you pass under just before you are about to leave Dalton and go onto the Common.  Watched from a distance, he then moved about 70 yards to the right hand side (south direction) but still up against the Common boundary wall.  Lost sight. Went up to Trig Point for vantage look out but never saw him again, presumed somewhere on the Common.  (Trig Point vantage Look out is SD555(99) 774(52)

Also present: Both male and female Stonechats on the Blackthorn patch near the gully in Dalton deforested close to the boundary wall to Crag House side.  Also Redwing (20+) and several Fieldfare seen in the area. Also two Meadow Pipit have been around for a couple of days in Dalton deforested. Also a nice surprise to have a Woodcock fly past me and went down somewhere into the bracken on the Crag House side of the wall. Its usually about now when I get my main arrivals of Woodcock.


(Friday 28th November 2014)
(0900hrs to 1030hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Great Grey Shrike first seen at 1000hrs at the top end of Lancelot 40 yards West of the Solar Panels, he shortly moved over into Dalton deforested where we saw him flitting about after insects etc, he was seen perching from several places before he decided to go East and settled down on a low hawthorn which was at about 50 yards South of the Trig Point and at the base of the first escarpment. Came away at 1030hrs.

It was nice to meet up with Geoff E and really pleased we saw the Shrike.  He managed to take several good photographs of the bird.

Stonechats where missing today.


(Saturday 29th November 2014)
(0900hrs to 1030hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Great Grey Shrike found after some 30 minutes and first located to the Crag House wall side of Dalton deforested in a small hawthorn to the top right hand corner (near the start of the escarpment), then he went into the nearby large Cuckoo tree where he seemed to rest up for some twenty minutes or so.  Never saw him after this.

Both male and female Stonechat where seen on the blackthorn towards the bottom of the "gully".

Several Redwing and Fieldfare in the lower Dalton Crags and 200 Woodpigeon approx.


(Sunday 30th November 2014)
(0900hrs to 1200hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

After checking out all the usual Great Grey Shrike haunts in Dalton/The Common and top of Lancelot I just could not find it anywhere.  Gave up at 1200hrs. There is always tomorrow!

On way up had the pair of Stonechats quite close to the boundary wall with the Common at times being most confusing when checking out from a distance with them using the uppermost perches of the tall trees!!

Two Ravens seen regularly in the deforested.  Also Redwings in lower Dalton.


(Monday 1st December 2014)
(0900hrs to 1030hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Checked out most of the regular haunts of the Great Grey Shrike, but not showing anywhere and I concluded it was without doubt NO SHRIKEY, NO LIKEY.  I suppose he could well be further down in Lancelot or for that matter, the middle section of Burton Fell which has well spaced out hawthorns and looks quite good area for a Shrike, no less of a area which would equally deserve searching would be to the West side of The Rakes which lies to the East side of Hutton Roof.  I will certainly try and get around to these areas over the coming days.  I suppose he could well have moved on by now because looking back five years ago the bird then left on the 30th November 2009.  No doubt over the next few days will confirm one way or another whether the 29th November 2014 remains his last day of the 9 he graced us with his most welcome presence.

Well well!  Mr and Mrs Stonechat may well have fallen out with one another because they prefer to stay almost 1/2 a mile apart today!  I thought it strange when noticing Mrs just after my entering the Dalton deforested section and I could not see Mr anywhere about,  because has a rule they are only yards away from one another and seem constant companions.  Before long whilst checking things out on the Common to the East side of Ploverlands who should be seen? none other than Mr Stonechat perched as bold as brass on the uppermost branch of a solitary mid sized hawthorn tree whilst looking over the woodlands below to his East.

The local Mistle Thrush was singing away on the sides of Dalton deforested.  It seems really early to me as though the months have shifted a bit.

Green Woodpecker present and yaffling occasionally. Saw at least a couple from both the deforested and further down at the top of the lower Dalton Crags.

Also plenty of Redwings and Fieldfare present in the beech trees down in Dalton.  Also at least 3 parties of Long Tailed Tits present and seen on the Common


(Tuesday 2nd December 2014)
(0800hrs to 0900hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Good job I hadn't given up on the Great Grey Shrike, although the thought had ran through my head that perhaps it had moved on to a warmer climate!  Well the cheekie chappie re-appeared this morning only about 75 yards North West of the Trig Point in the largest of trees which is more or less situated directly above the North West footpath (footpath which goes from Trig to the Two Cairns). He sat there for a few minutes before going down on prey somewhere further back to the North West and not seen since.  He can be so elusive, but it was so nice after two days absent to get a "peep" this morning!

Fieldfares and Redwings were present in Dalton Crags (deforested) perhaps a couple of dozen in total. Six Fieldfare were on the move coming over the Trig point in a NW to SE line.  As usual Green Woodpeckers in attendance.  No Stonechats recorded today.


(Wednesday 3rd December 2014) "Yellowhammers a plenty"
(0900hrs to 1200hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags and then walk down through Lancelot Clark Storth and Burton Fell)

I could not find the Shrike anywhere today after searching all is usual haunts.  He seems to be playing at Mr. Elusive once again.***(update see below)***  Did manage to check out the Stonechats who are back in harmony spending most of their time in the same tree!!  Last seen at top of Dalton Crags and also on the Common near to the gate leading to Dalton deforested.

Again teens of Redwings and Fieldfare mainly in the bottom of Dalton deforested.  A pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers and 1 Yaffler seen in Dalton. A party of Long Tailed Tits on the Common.  Lots of moving Woodpigeon some coming into Hutton Roof whilst others leaving mainly to the North or from the North.

Whilst coming through the fields and heading home to Burton, counted a minium of 15 Yellowhammers and could well have been up to 30 plus within a large party of 50 mixed flock. There were definately some Chaffinch, but could not see any Tree Sparrows today.  Need to keep my eye on these!!

***update****1650hrs:  Just had some great news from Allan W who saw the Shrike this morning at approximately 1115hrs it was midway down in Dalton deforested and seen to make its way somewhere over into Lancelot.


(Thursday 4th December 2014) "Shrike been with us two weeks today"
(0900hrs to 1015hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

Saw Mr. Shrike immediately on reaching Trig Point.  He was sat at the top of a large tree in a true NN West direction and about 100 yards back from the Trig Point, the tree would be almost in alignment to the footpath which leads eventually to the two Cairns. This tree and area is now becoming a hotspot having noticed him in this area several times.  He was seen there for about ten minutes before seeing him fly off West in a Lancelot direction, as though somewhere up against the borders with Dalton deforested.  But could not find after this.

At least 50 Redwing in Dalton Crags (lower) along with a party of 20 Greenfinches.  Also large party of both Chaffinch and included some Bullfinch down near the Plain Quarry Carpark.


(Friday 5th December 2014) "No Shrike recorded today"
(0900hrs to 1030hrs)  Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags.

What a beautiful day today, cold but with the sun shining down it was great.  Checked out Dalton Crags (deforested area-upper), checked all around the Trig Point and Ploverlands to the back side.  Also checked out over the rough grass heathland of Uberash Roughs with the two Cairns in the distance.  But just could not get on Mr. Shrikey!  I am wondering just where he disappears to on these days when I can't find him. I am rather suspicious that he doesn't go far away and that he his probably tucked in somewhere down in Lancelot or on the borders of Uberash Roughs on the Common.

When I have drawn a blank he is regularly seen by other fortunate individuals in his regular haunts and just shortly after I have gone which rather indicates he his never far away!!

People are always asking me if I think that this is the same bird we got back in 2011!  But to be honest there is just no way of telling that!

I would perhaps go as far as saying I doubt it very much indeed.  That's not an assumption from the appearance of the current bird, but from the territorial habits of the current in bird in relation to all previous birds I have spent time watching.  The current bird is tending to use areas which other Shrikes hardly used before and seen in those areas with regularity eg: lots of time on Uberash Roughs, lots of time in the top of Lancelot.  Shrikes over the past 5 years have not used these areas with any regularity but just occasionally.  The past birds have tended to stay fairly sedentary within the Dalton deforested or the Trig Areas and Ploverlands and the two escarpment areas South below the Trig, hardly venturing to the North West or West sides.

Today I also was watching the Stonechat who were at one of their regular spots near the Blackthorn which is at the tip of the Gulley on the Crag House side of Dalton deforested.  Also whilst crossing from Dalton lower Crags into the deforested area I had no less that 60 Redwing and about 15 Fieldfare.  Lots of Woodpigeon could be seen in the tops of the trees in Storth Wood and Dalton generally.  Had a couple of "Yafflers" in Dalton deforested.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.


(Saturday 6th December 2014)
(0800hrs to 0915hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags

A very keen frost this morning.  Checked out Dalton deforested and also on the Common near to the Trig Point.  Never saw the Shrike this morning, so that's two days for me that he's been missing.

Stonechats seen about 3/4 way up in Dalton deforested. Great Spotted and Green Woodpeckers seen. Also Fieldfare and Redwing.


(Sunday 7th December 2014)
(0900hrs to 1100hrs) Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags

Again for me personally another day (the third) without seeing the Shrike, but the good news is that it has been seen this morning at 0900hrs by John of Barrow who was watching it to the North West side of the Hutton Roof Common.  If you proceed along the North West footpath from the Trig Point, before long the level drops and heads into a more opened up area.  The Shrike was seen in the lower trees within this area.

I did flush a Snipe from within the same areas.  Also a large flock (50+) of predominately Chaffinch in the Woodland area right up against the Plain Quarry Car Park.

(Monday 8th December 2014)
0900hrs to 1030hrs  Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags

Another day (the fourth for me) without Shrike after searching the full perimeters of Uberash Roughs, Dalton etc.

I will give it another try tomorrow and choose another location.

STARLINGS: Its nice to see that Starlings are roosting again this year in the large conifer tree in Burton Old Hall, Tanpits lane, Burton In Kendal.  Not sure how many yet but definitely two or three hundred.

(Tuesday 9th December 2014)
0800hrs to 0930hrs Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags

Yet another blank for me in regards to the Shrike (5 days missing now) also I have not seen the Stonechats since Saturday last.

Lots of mixed Thrushes mainly down in Dalton Crags lower and lots of Woodpigeon 100+

Large 50+ Chaffinch and Bullfinch party still present around the Plain Quarry Car Park Woodland area.

(Wednesday 10th December 2014)
0900hrs to 1015hrs Hutton Roof Common via Dalton Crags

Winds blowing at 50 to 60 mph today so very little showing.  The only avian life about was a solitary Raven and also a Green Woodpecker.  Lots of Chaffinches and several Bullfinches in the large finch party close to the Plain Quarry car park.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Return of the Great Grey Shrike in Dalton Crags

So what do we get up to when the birds have temporarily slowed down?

Theres always lots to do!  so now I am getting ready for the turn of the Fungi and the Lichens, together with the remnants of some of this years almost spent Ferns and these hopefully should take us through to the flora and the birds again ready for yet another yearly cycle!  In fact not only that I have lots to do with my writings, my drawings, my Haslingden Old and New history blog along with this blog, and still finding time for the odd local presentation or walk or twitter tweets!!  How on earth did I ever fit all this in when I was working, well I did, but let me say it was on a far more reduced scale to what it is today..

This week I have already found some nice fungi and some of them are new to me
This one is a beautiful colour and notice that it stains the wood in fact the coloured wood is used much in furniture today and I think its called the "Tunbridge Ware" (see photo below) - found yesterday 15th November 2014 - Lancelot Clark Storth
Example of wood staining by the "Green Elf Cup" 
Not sure what this one is, its perhaps about 1/2" in diameter
(Click over to enlarge)

This one is another special one and perhaps only a little bigger than a match stick. I found this in Lancelot Clark Storth.

(Saturday 15th November 2014) 
Please click over sketch to enlarge

Whilst walking along the hedgerows closeby to Vicarage Lane in Burton In Kendal, I was met with a large party of at least 40 birds which were mixed between Tree Sparrows and Yellowhammers.  I did not have my binoculars with me but easily recognized a breakaway party of seven Yellowhammers in a tree just above where I was walking.

(Wednesday 19th November 2014) Yesterday evening was a great pleasure to address the Kendal and South Westmorland Beekeepers Association over at Abbots Hall in Kendal. Thankfully they didn't want me to talk about bees!  No it was a lovely evening showing the members photos and illustrations/sketches along with sound recordings of the birds expected to be seen on vismig over at nearby Hutton Roof, together with the second half showing photos of the rarer flora species on HR together with the story of the re-discovery of the Holly Fern and the current research being carried out into the Epipactis Schmalhauseneii rare hybrid.
(Thursday 20th November 2014) "Return of the GSS"
A long long way away, but click over to enlarge
I just knew that today was going to be something very special.  It started great has I was walking up through Dalton Crags, I had no less than 400 plus Woodpigeon take to the skies and there were many more still undecided and circling around not sure whether to go or carry on eating.....

Then half way up Dalton deforested I was met with the resident male and female Stonechat.  I say resident because they have now been here for a least three weeks.

Approximately 50 Fieldfare took up and left Lancelot/Dalton areas and headed off over on the Common.

Giving a general glimpse towards the top of Dalton Crags (unforested) specifically with the intention of searching out the Great Grey Shrike like I do on most mornings at this time of year, I just caught that "flashing" white out of the corner of my eye.  Binoculars to the ready and sure enough there he was flitting about from the uppermost of the sparsely leaved thin wind swept swaying silver birch tree and down to the ground with haste and vigour, then seconds later he was back up to the very uppermost branch in readiness for a replay.  I watched him for perhaps half hour constantly hunting insects, I never saw a wriggling lizard, nor nothing as large as a vole or small bird, so can only imagine that insects was what was on the menu this morning.  I wonder just how long he will stop with us this year.  Checking back its three years since he last made a appearance when he has usually stayed around for at least a fortnight, sometimes longer than a month.

So that's sorted it! my morning daily work schedule is for the time being re- programmed to take in daily visits to check on our rare Shrike, and to monitor him daily to see how long he will be in attendance, whilst at the same time making notes. The butcher bird of Hutton Roof has again graced us with his presence.  Will he be with us for the day, the week or several weeks!


(Friday 21st November 2014)  "No Shrike today"
Please click over to enlarge
A good two hours from 0900hrs to 1100hrs was spent checking out all the usual Shrike haunts eg: to the top of the Dalton deforested area.  On to the Common taking in both points to the North and SE of the Trig Point in a good radius, then checking my last option down into Lancelot Clark Storth (top areas) from above the BAP Memorial Seat.  It was really windy up there this morning and perhaps he's hanging out in some more sheltered area.  Also the resident Stonechats were also missing.  Other sightings was a Green Woodpecker, several Fieldfare, anywhere up to 100 Woodpigeon.  A nice mixed finch party just behind the Plain Quarry car park which included Chaffinch, Redpoll and Bullfinch.  Interesting to find Yellow Staghorn on decaying pine in Dalton Crags.

Update:  Just to report that the Great Grey Shrike has been seen again at 1100hrs today.


(Saturday 22nd November 2014) "Shrike refound"
Seen the Shrike again today. It was about 0900hrs when I first saw him he was about 150 yards to the North West of the Trig Point, within Lancelot Clark Storth and not far from the boundary wall.  He could be seen continually either setting up high and fluttering to catch insects before returning to his high station.  He was also seen to go almost straight down to catch prey on the ground as well.  After about one hour he started to move along and work his way around to the top section of Dalton deforested and what a great pleasure it was to see him on the "actual Shrike Tree" amongst the many perches he chose.  I had to leave at 1100hrs but he seemed really happy and content whilst in Dalton.

Since heard this afternoon he was again seen for sometime and eventually was making his way back across into Lancelot Clark Storth.  Also on good authority the Stonechats have also reappeared this afternoon in Dalton.


(Sunday 23rd November 2014) "Elusive Shrike"
Along with friends RE and JB we searched and searched for our dear friend Mr. Shrike, throughout Dalton upper, Lancelot, Burton Fell and back around on the Common itself.  Nothing, Nothing Nothing!
that's the bad news!  but very soon afterwards I was told some information that was music to my ears, to be told that two birdwatchers had just mentioned to other birdwatchers that they had seen the bird some twenty minutes earlier and it was showing to the North West of the Trig point and at a distance at around the 1100hrs.  Just typical and what you would expect from the Shrike, we went there initially and left there to look in other nearby areas and whilst away the bird had been putting on a show back there, but when we got back to the same point the bird had vanished yet again...  Also the pair of Stonechats where back at their normal place in Dalton upper, also odd Green Woodpeckers seen, odd thrushes and lots of restless Woodpigeons.  A couple of parties of Long Tailed Tits.  Also a party of 22 Pink Footed Geese heading over Dalton to a South South East direction.


(Monday 24th November 2014) "Shrike confirmed adult bird"
I was up near the Trig Point by around the 0930hrs but no sign of the Shrike, so decided to have a little walk North West to the boundary walls adjoining the Common to Lancelot Clark Storth.  I just happened to glance to the side in a North direction and saw the Shrike cross over the Common and settled in a large tree on the escarpment which overlooks Uberash Roughs, he then left that tree and seemed to disappear in what could have been a South East direction and so after following his tracks along the escarpment and crossing over the pavement the hunch paid off and was seen again this time at the escarpment below the Trig Point which is South/South East, he was in the small medium sized straggled hawthorns.  He was seen regularly diving down from the uppermost branch to the ground, but quickly returning.  It certainly gave the impression it was insects he was going after. Very flitty, only resting for short 5 minute periods at the best.  He then pursued his almost 300 yard approx circled flight to entertain us from within the regular Dalton deforested areas where he was seen for a good 30 minutes or so. He was using mainly the areas near the Cuckoo Tree and came half way down Dalton showing close to the Blackthorn patch near the South side of the "Gully" and also seen to alight on the fencing post on the south side.
I left at 1130hrs after having had some superb views at different points from Julian's telescope, and this provided the confirmation that the bird was a full adult and not a immature.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

CBDC Recorders Conference

Last Saturday 8th November 2014 there were still some traces of Fieldfare movement through the area. Whilst on my way to Oxenholme Station I had a party of 30 head South just near where the new Cattle Auctions is, also another 80 to the right side of Crooklands heading SW, then when I got to the station I had several parties whilst waiting for the train (one hour at least... late!) a party of 40, 50, and a wacking 350, another 50, then another 50 South whilst going over Shap, and another party of 30 going past Penrith Station.  So I guess it must have been a good movement day if there was anyone about recording them!

Click over to enlarge
I was attending the Annual Recorders Conference held at the Tullie House Museum in Carlisle.  A full programme with some cracking speakers, Richard Burkmar "What would Darwin tweet?", Elizabeth Croose on Polecats and Pine Martens, Moustafa Eweda on Habitat Connectivity Projects at the CBDC, Rich Flight - Recording Cumbria's Bats, Allan Pentecost on The Lichens of Cumbria, Jim Thomas on the Witherslack insects, Martin Tordoff on the Rare Mountain Ringlet in Lakeland, Stephen Hewitt - A Pressing Concern - the herbaria at Tullie House etc etc etc .

What a great day! a brilliant effort especially by Teresa Frost and Gary Hedges of the CBDC along with Stephen Hewitt and Moustafa for putting on the 4th Annual Conference which was a most successful event. 

Added bonus to eventually see my sketch included in one of the screen banners! (see left - click over to enlarge).  Its obviously going to be a most worthwhile effort to copy my nature records from Hutton Roof to the CBDC, at the same time as I copy them for the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.  The more records they get from around Cumbria and the better.  It certainly pays off and helps them tremendously with the distribution of facts and figures which they hold on many varied species. Not only is this stuff of great interest to people just purely enjoying nature and wanting to know just what is where, but also it has a great impact with planning etc.  So its got to be thumbs up to the CBDC.....

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Visible Bird Migration - Autumn 2014 (Daily reports starting from 11th September 2014)

"A typical vismigger" been caught out by visitors"
for him they always seem to call at the most inapropriate time (please click over to enlarge)
Friday November 7th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (off Vicarage Lane)
0700hrs -0900hrs. Wind South 12mph, 10c temp, 99% Cloud cover, 6600m visibility, 984mb pressure.  Small passerine to South/South East.  Thrush West,South, and North East. Swans North West.

Chaffinch: 23
Alba Wagtail: 3
Woodpigeons: 40N
Fieldfare: 156 (30W, 80S, 30SE,16NE)
Whooper Swans: 5 NW
Starlings: 31W and 1,000s overhead in a straight line leaving LM roost.

I think that will be it for another year now!

Thursday November 6th 2014

Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (off Vicarage Lane and on the Bonk)

0700hrs -0900hrs. Wind: SE 15-25mph and felt very cold, 4c temp, 94% cloud cover, 19300m visibility, 1005mb pressure. Small passerine to South/South East, Thrush movements either North or South.

Again with the Thrush movement there seemed to be two separate lines, one strictly to the North (this still going on (but very occasional) and with Redwing, the fieldfare seemed to have given up on this routing by about 0830hrs).  If anything compared to yesterday this was a more North orientated than yesterday's North West. The birds appeared to be coming in from a more South South West direction as though from the  Borwick/Nether Kellet direction and going out to a Killington/Sedbergh direction. It looked like all these parties had no option but to carry on North under duress whilst their little heads were all pointing towards the south east and their tails to the north west, in other words "side on" compensating flight like you regularly see with the Mipits.

The other routing which just involved three parties (160,50,50,6) all Fieldfare seem to come from the back of Hutton Roof and out towards Over Kellet and Lancaster areas (a similar Southern line to yesterday)

Chaffinch: 42

Linnet: 3
Goldfinch: 8 (one party)
Fieldfare: 607 (341N and 266S) best parties: 1x160,2x80,4x50)
Redwing: 163 N (2x50,1x40)
Starling: 110 (5,30,20)
Woodpigeon: 163

(report from Jean Roberts) 250 Fieldfare arrived from the south and dropped in to roost on Caton Moor at 1700hrs. 

At Heysham this morning 2601 Fieldfare and 90 Redwing flew over. Half of the Fieldfare arrived from the SE, the other half from the north along the coast. These birds were presumably part of another influx of thrushes (mainly Fieldfare) to the UK that occurred yesterday and overnight (per the national Vismig group).


Wednesday November 5th 2014

Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane and also on the "Bonk". 0700hrs-1000hrs. Wind North 5-12mph, 5c temp and rising, 9% cloud cover, 18500m vis, 1005mb pressure.  Thrush movement to either the SW but predominently W/NW. Small passerines to the S/SE.

Two separate lines were formed today with the Thrush movements eg: One line went to the South West, these birds appeared to come over Hutton Roof from the Lupton direction and heading SW to a Over Kellet, or Halton direction.  These birds were mainly larger parties, at greater height eg 2-300ft and were going unseen because of the bright blue skies making it very difficult to get on them.  I must have missed lots, because just on two random occasions when I casually looked up there were parties going overhead.

However there was also another perhaps stronger passage which went in a West to North West direction and these birds appeared to come from a possible Tunstall/Wennington direction and almost keeping to the alignment of Hutton Roof/Farleton and heading onward to a Kendal direction. These birds seemed smaller parties and were at a lower altitude eg 75ft to 100ft, they were more meandering silent and carefree in their flight.  I now have strong opinions that this passage carried on all day in a lazy ad hoc fashion.  The reason I suspect this is because when I was leaving home to go to Kendal and waiting for the bus at approx 1250hrs, two parties went through NW, then whilst in Kendal a party of 200 birds came directly over the River Kent heading in a Burneside direction, this would have been at approx 1400hrs and then on my return to Burton I had two further parties again cross over to the NW at approx 1530hrs and 1545hrs.

Chaffinch: 55 (plus a blogging party of 50+)
Goldfinch: 1
Meadow Pipit: 2 (plus a blogging party of 20+)
Alba Wagtail: 1
Reed Bunting: calling from the hedgerows.
Fieldfare: 1545 (350SW, 1195 either West or North West) best parties: 160,150,130,100.
Redwing: 2 SE
Starling: 17
Woodpigeon: 101


Tuesday November 4th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane) 0700hrs to 0900hrs. Wind: East 5mph, 27% Cloud cover, 19100m visability, 992mb pressure.  All movement to the South/South East unless stated otherwise. Very poor today, probably the quietest day so far... Obviously the vismig end is nigh!

Chaffinch: 45
Blackbird: 3
Fieldfare: 40 (one party)
Redwing: 10 S/SE (one party)
Mallard: 6W
Woodpigeon: 135 S/SE


Monday November 3rd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane) 0700hrs to 1030hrs.  Wind: SW 13mph and decreasing, 7c temp, 33% Cloud cover, 15100m vis, 966mb pressure. All movement South/South East unless specified. Quite a bit of Woodpigeon activity. Heavy Rain shower at commencement, but abated after 10 minutes to fine and dry with dark passing clouds, rain could be seen over to the Warton and coastal directions.

Woodpigeon: 910 (lots of parties moving N to S along the western Hutton Roof flank.  Then at approx 0930 to 1000hrs you could see balls of between 50s and 80s moving back North West over Farleton Fell.  No idea if they were the same birds or not!!)
Chaffinch: 163
Goldfinch: 6
Greenfinch: 1
Starling: 57 W (several small groups)
Fieldfare: 200 (S/SE) 5 parties
Redwing: 36 SE (6,30)
Mistle Thrush: 12 S
Skylark: 1
Tree Sparrow: 5 S/SE (one party)
Whooper Swan: 3 SE (one party)
Pink Footed Goose: 205 S (3 skeins seen going over Arnside Knott)
Goosander: 3S (one party)

IT WOULD BE REALLY APPRECIATED IF ANYONE CAN HELP? Some of us who are regularly involved with Vismig are trying to link the "peak day" routing the Thrushes took on last Friday October 31st (Halloween). We know they took a possible (not confirmed!) route from a Milnthorpe direction South and over the River Bela to a SW and onward to the Morecambe Bay basin whilst hugging the coast to eventually go over Heysham and onward to Sunderland Point which they then veered east and over the estuary towards Crook Farm and Cottage. We are obviously looking for any information of any Fieldfare/Redwing sightings along that full stretch of the Morecambe Bay coastline on that day. Thank you so much in advance for any help you may be able to offer. 


Sunday November 2nd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane) 0700hrs to 0930hrs.  All movement South/SW/SE unless stated.  SW14mph, 10c temp, 86% Cloud cover, 19300m vis, 1000mb pressure.

Chaffinch: 203 S
Goldfinch: 8
Fieldfare: 368 S/SE
Redwing: 252 Mainly S/SE some SW and occasional W/NW
Mistle Thrush: 1
Meadow Pipit: 2
Woodpigeon: 164
Starling: 150 mainly West

Saturday November 1st 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane) 0700hrs to 1030hrs.  All movement South/SW/SE unless stated. A good count of Thrushes.

Fieldfare: 2053 S/SE/SW  best parties: 1x200,1x160,5x100
Redwing: 296 S/SE/SW most parties 20s to 30s
Blackbird: 7 S (2,5)
Starling: 310 mainly west
Chaffinch: 204 S/SE
Goldfinch: 39 S/SE (15,12)
Greenfinch: 1
Linnet: 4
Alba Wagtail: 3
Woodpigeon: 65
Meadow Pipit: 7
Pink Footed Goose: 65W then followed coast S
Ducks: 27 (15,2,6,4 (all characteristics of Pintail from a distance)


Friday October 31st 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage lane) 0715hrs to 1000hrs. Wind: South 8-10mph, 95% Cloud, 17700m, 1011mb pressure.  All movement South/South East unless specified different.  Again really slow with Chaffinch and just a sprinkling of Thrushes, compared to more local coastal sites who hit the jackpot with thousands. Two really good Skylark parties.

Chaffinch: 182
Meadow Pipit: 2
Skylark: 41 (20,21)
Fieldfare: 463 all W or SW (best 2x80,1x70)
Redwing: 185,
Starling: 115
Mistle Thrush: 5
Woodpigeon: 7


Thursday October 30th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal (Track off Vicarage Lane) 0722hrs to 0935hrs.  Wind: South East 10mph, 10c temp, 6200m vis, 1014mb pressure. All movement South/South East unless specified different. Really slow today especially with the Chaffinch.

Chaffinch: 159
Brambling: 2
Goldfinch: 6
Alba Wagtail: 14 (one party 11)
Redwing: 40 SW (10,10,20)
Mistle Thrush: 1
Woodpigeon: 87


Starts on Tuesday October 28th and through to 31st October 2014,
Dont forget its BBC2 on the "Red Button"
from Lillians Hide at Leighton Moss RSPB
And where are all the Starlings this year? from my records they usually have had
a good count by now! (30-50k) but not this year as yet!  They generally
"peak" at or around the 26th October, but variant to 5 days either side. Very few down
at Blackpool's Marton Mere,  Paul S tells me 
that there was a count of 6000
 roosting at Marton last weekend, and also some under the pier as well
"Already Missing My Murmurations!!

With Michaela and Chris at Leighton Moss (photo: Jamie Normington)

Wednesday October 29th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane) 0800-1000hrs - Wind: NE 5mph, 3c temp, 94% Cloud cover, 20000m vis, 1017mb pressure.
Really quiet today especially with Chaffinch.  The birds just were not interested in moving, more interested in blogging or feeding up!

Chaffinch: 163 S/SE
Greenfinch: 3
Goldfinch: 9 (5,4)
Redpoll: 1
Alba Wagtail: 12 (one party 10)
Reed Bunting: several in hedgerows "chinking" to one another.
Starling: 128 (best parties: 30,25)
Skylark: 23 SE (one party 20)
Whooper Swan: 15 SE (one party)
Pink Footed Goose: 22 SE (2,12,8)
Woodpigeon: 195 (best: 30,25,20)


Tuesday October 28th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane) 0800-1000hrs - Wind: South 20-35mph (20mph at first decreasing to 15mph), 14c temp, 74% Cloud cover, 13600m vis, 1006mb pressure. Very few birds around compared to other days, some using the Russell Farm channel to escape the strong Southerlies. First proper Starling passage West noted. Also a few Redwing came through. (Flight path study on blog later)

Chaffinch: 321 S/SE (best parties: 1x22,3x16,6x10-12,lots at 5to8.
Goldfinch: 18 (4,4,4,6)
Greenfinch: 1
Meadow Pipit: 1
Alba Wagtail: 2
Redwing: 17W (7,10)
Starling: 137W (1x40,1x20,2x15,4x10)
Pink Footed Goose: 21 (14W, 7SE)


Monday October 27th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane) 0745hrs to 1030hrs - Wind: South 20 reducing to 15mph, 13c temp, 88% Cloud cover, 13300m vis, 1012mb pressure.  Never started until 0745hrs, very dark at first and most of morning.  Passage kept having burst especially between 1000hrs to 1015hrs. Some good parties.  (Flight path study below)

Chaffinch: 604 S/SE (best parties 1x26, 5x18,4x16,10x12,5x10, lots of 5-10 parties.
Goldfinch: 31 (7,12,12)
Linnet: 2
Greenfinch: 1
Alba Wagtail: 6
Starling: 63 (20,20,20,3)
Pink Footed Goose: 8

Wind: South  - 20mph to 15 mph 
13c temp at 0700hrs -  88% Cloud cover, 13300m vis,
1012mb pressure.  (27th October 2014)

It took some time for the first birds to come through eg: 0745hrs.  I think this may have been down to how dark it was together with the Strong 20/25 mph Southerly winds.

The birds did pick up from about 0930hrs, with the best parties coming through at 1000hrs to 1015hrs and then it seemed to drop off up to me leaving at 1030hrs.

There was less of a SW bias in the flightline, with most birds cutting the wind relatively easy and going direct South to SS East, but some still did the SW but did seem to cut the wind from a N to S without much problem.  Average altitude for most birds today would have been at around 50ft and below.


Sunday October 26th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane) 0700hrs to 0830hrs - the clocks went back this morning!!  Wind: SW 20mph to 40mph and increasing during count from 20 to 30 by the finish. 12c temp, 100% Cloud cover, 16400m visibility, 1012mb pressure.  Birds trying all the time for South but making them all have a bias to the South West with strengthening winds. By 0830hrs things started to slacken off with bird numbers. (Flight path study below)

Chaffinch: 403 S  Odd party at 20, a few in the tens to mid teens and lots in the 5 to 10s.
Greenfinch: 2
Alba Wagtail: 4
Starlings: 47 W
Woodpigeon: 12

Sparrowhawk 1 and Kestrel 1 probably locals.

Wind: South West – 20 to 40mph (Gust 45+mph) 
12c temp at 0700hrs  -  80% Cloud cover, 15400m Cloud,
1003mb pressure. The clocks have been turned back today (26th October 2014 (0700 to 0830hrs)

The wind was very strong South Westerley today and making it very difficult for the birds.  The birds were doing their usual South Westerly strong wind bit by coming off the western Hutton Roof flanks and being blown to their South West, mainly crossing over the fields in front of my watchpoint although some going off to the South West and probably will adjust their flightline lower down the route, although after saying that some did still manage to go direct to the South.  The passage seem to quieten off from 0830hrs.  A blogging party of 100+ Chaffinches had formed along with a 20+ Alba Wagtail. The wind grew with intensity from 0800hrs.

Observations from: Track off Vicarage Lane 
Movement: South
403 Chaffs


Saturday October 25th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane) 0800hrs to 1130hrs. Wind: South 10-15mph, 9c temp, 94% Cloud cover, 18700m vis, 1011mb pressure. A slow start, still with many birds heading to a SW bias at first before turning S (flight study notes below). From 1000hrs birds started to find a good line and seemed to cut the winds better with some good large parties.

Chaffinch: 1079 S/SSE (best parties: 25s,20s and lots of 10s with most parties at 5-8 birds)
Goldfinch: 10
Linnet: 7 (2,2,3)
Greenfinch: 1
Alba Wagtail: 35 (best 20)
Starling: 53 (3,30,10,10)
Woodpigeon: 332 (best parties 60,150,80)
Mistle Thrush: 3W
Redwing: 3W

Wind: South  - 10-15 mph 
9c temp at 0700hrs  -  94% Cloud cover, 18700m Vis,
1011 mb pressure.  (25th October 2014)

The passage started very quiet with moderate birds going through and for 75% of the birds they seem to have a South West bias and would arc around before trying to get over the ridge, which some succeeded in doing but the majority would get blown back and do the arcing.  At around the  0900hrs it seemed to go colder, and about the 0945hrs the birds seem to be able to take on a more direct route South with fewer problems, and the larger parties started to arrive with lots of parties between the 15-20 mark.

This went on good for at least one hour but by the time I was leaving at 1130hrs, birds seem to have slightly slackened off, but there were still plenty of birds going through.

Vic Lane Track
Direction: South/South South East

Quantity of Chaffinch: 1079


Friday October 24th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from track on Vicarage Lane 0800hrs to 0930hrs. Wind: South West  5-9mph, 10c temp, 75% cloud cover, 14400m vis, 1011mb pressure, gone colder. Another quiet day with the Chaffinches which again were very undecided and a large (100+ blogging party soon became established).

Chaffinch: 315 S
Linnet: 1
Greenfinch: 1
Redpoll: 1
Redwing: 40W
Alba Wagtail: 1
Woodpigeon: 196
Starling: 27W


Thursday October 23rd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from Track on Vicarage Lane) 0800hrs to 0900hrs.  Wind SSW 15mph, 12c temp, 90% Cloud cover, 12400m vis, 1014mb pressure.  It just never got going with very few Chaffinch around, the one's that were did not seem too interested.  There were a massive party and birds were seen regularly to be chasing one another and behaving rather "undecided" or "blogging". (see flight study notes below)

Chaffinch: 188 S/SW
Alba Wagtail: 10 (one party 8)
Reed Bunting: 1
Greenfinch: 1
Redpoll: 1
Redwing: 15SW
Woodpigeon 54S

Wind: SSW  -  12 mph   
12c temp at 0700hrs -  90% Cloud cover, 12400m vis, 1014mb pressure.  (23rd October 2014)

Very few birds migrating today, they just did not seem interested, most of the birds were coming in from the NW or N and then joining the local collective blogging party, some of the birds again were seen chasing one another in regular sallies and seemed relaxed.                                         

Wednesday October 22nd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from Track on Vicarage Lane) 0745hrs to 0930hrs.  Wind: South West 9mph decreasing to 7mph, 8c, 71% Cloud, 18700m vis, 1022mb pressure. OK at first then quiet after 15 minutes and still quiet even at leaving.

90% of all movement with passerine to the South West, and 10% directly South. (Flight Study Notes below shortly)

Chaffinch: 205 (mainly South West) some South
Goldfinch: 33 S (6,4,17,6)
Linnet: 2
Alba Wagtail: 8
Blackbird: 3W
Redwing: 50SW (20,11,15,4)
Starling: 16W (7,7,2)
Skylark: 1
Whooper Swan: 8S (0915hrs)
Woodpigeon: 141 (best 40,30)
Cormorant: 1SW


Tuesday October 21st 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Hutton Roof from Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (from Track on Vicarage Lane). With a late start this morning (grandad chauffering duties!) so did manage from 0900hrs to 1000hrs in the atrocious weather.  Wind: West 25 to 41mph, 10c, 42% Cloud, 14000m vis, 993mb pressure. Heavy rain showers throughout count. Eased off at 1000hrs as did the wind.

All movement with passerine to the South or at least trying to get to the South. (See Flight study notes below) A good 80% of the count is made up of birds actually "hedge hopping" to get through.

Chaffinch: 129
Goldfinch: 22 (10,12_
Alba Wagtail: 7 (3,2,2)
Redwing: 1W
Blackbird: 2W
Pink Footed Goose: 150SW

Wind: West 25-41mph   
19c temp at 0730hrs  -  42% Cloud cover, 14000m Cloud,
993mb pressure.  (21st October 2014)

Atrocious weather throughout count (0900hrs to 1000hrs). Heavy rain, although it did come clear by the end and I stayed a little while to see if things got moving, but not really.

Very few birds actually attempted the “norm” by flying mid air although up to maybe 20 or 30 birds did struggle through, but the majority where seen to be “hedge hopping” and then collecting to the blogging party.

Watchpoint: Vicarage Lane,
Birds direction: South
Chaffinch Quantity: 129


Monday October 20th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Track Vicarage Lane) for Hutton Roof from 0730hrs to 1100hrs. Wind: WSW 14 to 25mph, 11c, 99% Cloud, 16300m, 1011mb pressure.

All passerine movement  West (50%)  which probably retracked South, and South (50%). All Redwings SW, W, or NW. A strange sort of morning.  You can tell its going to be hard going when you get Chaffinches and Redwing "Blogging".
(Flight Study Notes below).

Chaffinch: 574 (50% to the W which propbably retracked S, and 50% to the South)
Goldfinch: 25S (15,10)
Linnet: 5
Redpoll: 1
Greenfinch: 1
Skylark: 1NW
Alba Wagtail: 5
Blackbirds: In the hedgerows everywhere indicating a very large "fall" last night!
Redwing: 163 SW,W,NW. (best party: 50SW)
Woodpigeon: 57
Mallard: 7 (5,2)

Wind: South West – 14-25mph   
11c temp at 0730hrs  -  99% Cloud cover, 16300m Cloud,
1011mb pressure.  (20th October 2014)

Passerine: At first the movement started OK although it was quickly established that most of the birds coming over were actually coming over to a South West direction and very soon you would see quite a lot of the birds drop down into the local hedgerows, before moving out.  This went on with at least 50% of the birds throughout the passage.  Although they would quickly set off again but taking on a “arc” feature to try and find a better way through the strong winds.  After saying that I cant understand it because yesterday the wind was twice to three times stronger and although they did arc around the radius yesterday was a lot less than what was happening today. The altitude for most birds today was between 30 and 75ft.

Another factor be taken into consideration was that there was light rain showers throughout although in the majority of cases this did not seem to bother the birds.

Some of the birds did actually go direct South and did have little problems.

Some birds where also being missed by again using the same topographical depletion over the Russell Farm and Dalton Hamlet.

Also a very interesting fact was to see Chaffinches actually blogging with a party of perhaps some 50-80 birds, constantly setting off with much indecision and then returning and repeating this time and time again.  

Even Redwing were blogging today, coming out of Hutton Roof and then going back down into the woods, then up again and messing about before then again returning to the woods. 


This is one of my NEW watchpoints at Burton In Kendal, Cumbria.
The background wooded area are the western flank of Hutton Roof,
and 75% of the moving Chaffinches will have come across this area in a left to right of the photo.
You will notice two of a "vismiggers"main tools eg: The Chair and The Brolley.
The binos are obviously the No.1 tool and the brolley is No.2 because besides stopping the rain,
but just as important it also acts as a sunblock because you are constantly looking into the East direction.
 It also can be a windblock at times. "What do you think folk would say if they saw a vismigger,
sat down in the middle of nowhere, with brolley up in the sunshine" (Please click over photo to enlarge)
Sunday October 19th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Track Vic Lane to Dalton Offices) from 0730hrs to 1100hrs. Wind: South West 30-40mph, 12c, 80% Cloud, 15400m vis, 1003mb pressure.

All passerine movements to the South unless stated otherwise.  All Redwings West.  Incredible that small birds could actually move in these strong winds, being blow back for most of the time. (Flight Study notes below). Extremely good Chaffinch numbers yet again and missed a few using another "depletion line"

Chaffinch: 850 S
Goldfinch: 15 (one party),
Redpoll: 3 (one party)
Greenfinch: 10 (best 2x3)
Alba Wagtail: 9
Song Thrush: 3 (1,1,1)
Blackbird: 1
Redwing: 81W (best party 60)

Wind: South West - 30mph (Gust 40mph) 
12c temp at 0730hrs  -  80% Cloud cover, 15400m Cloud,
1003mb pressure.  (19th October 2014)

The wind was very strong today and the movement started late (eg 0800hrs), 30mph South Westerlies created a heavy block for the birds and they were continually being blown back and although some did get through most of the others had to arc round and find a lesser passage route.

Odd birds did try to go through high, but most of them were brought to the ground and you had to keep your eyes on the hedges and horizon where you would occasionally see birds hopping over the hedges.  Some birds where being missed by going down in a depletion line which goes somewhere down by Russell Farm.

The corridor was producing plenty of birds again and I would say that the area I chose for observation was probably the best for the conditions. 

Observations from: Track off Vicarage Lane  
Movement: South
850 Chaffs


Saturday October 18th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Track Vic Lane to Dalton Offices) from 0730hrs to 1130hrs.  Wind: South 15-33mph, 15c, 98% Cloud cover, 5700m vis, 1000mb pressure.

All passerine movement to the South unless stated otherwise.  All Redwings either W or SW.  Good Alba numbers today mainly in singles but also the odd quartet. Chaffinch still going through strong on leaving watch at 1130hrs. (Flight Study notes below)

Chaffinch: 1022 S
Redpoll: 4 (one party)
Greenfinch: 1
Goldfinch: 20 (one party)
Linnet: 2
Alba Wagtail: 27
Redwing: 153 all W or SW (best party: 20)
Blackbird: 3
Starling: 5
Pink Footed Goose: 9SE One skein
Goosander: 1
Woodpigeon: 133


Wind: South  - 15-25 mph 
15c temp at 0700hrs  -  98% Cloud cover, 5700m Cloud,
1000mb pressure.  (18th October 2014)

The wind today was excellent for passage of passerine, especially Chaffinch. Most of the birds travelling the length of the Western flank of the Hutton Roof Ridge seemed to face a block which then diverted them across the field in a South West directly in front of me, as if using the hillside flank and then would go over the summit of the flank to a South and over the Dalton Hall Estate.

Its now being clearer that during medium to strong South (or to a lesser South East) winds, this sort of behaviour seems to be regular having produced the best numbers of birds (Chaffinch) historically on passage so far. Eg today over 1000 birds (7.30 to 1130hrs = 240mins with a hourly ratio of 255 birds), in similar winds prior to today the counts have been 1300 and 1350 (approx 7.30 to 1500hrs=360mins on either day with hourly ratios of both 193 and 194 birds).  Obviously I can only use immediate date comparisons when the passage of birds will be at their strongest (example: usually from the start of the second week in October to the end of the second week in November).  From today's figures it clearly shows that there is now a even greater number of birds passing through than there was 7-10 days ago when the other counts where made.

With just the occasional bird at high altitude (100ft+), I would say that the majority were within the 50 to 75ft range.

Alba Wagtails showed good numbers today, mainly in singles, but on one occasion I had a quartet of birds.  I am sure we are missing lots of Linnets within this passage.  You know what they say if a tight finch party (not as tight as Goldfinch) go through and they are silent to the ear, then there’s a good chance of them being Linnets than any other finch!!

A very small number (153) of Redwing where passing through and appeared as if they could possibly have been leaving their roost on Hutton Roof (but this cannot be confirmed but most likely) and all went through on a West or South West routing. 


Friday October 17th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Track Vic Lane to Dalton Offices) from 0730hrs to 1115hrs.  South 6mph, 11c, 75% Cloud cover, 12900m vis, 1003mb pressure.

All movement passerine South unless stated otherwise.  Movement Thrushes mainly to the West, some South and some NW. More Linnets and good again with Goldfinch. (More flight study notes below)

Chaffinch: 571
Goldfinch: 56 (1,5,30,20)
Linnet: 14 (10,4)
Skylark: 4 (1,1,2)
Reed Bunting: 1
Alba Wagtail: 2
Redwing: 633 (443W, 90SW,10SE,70S,20NW) (best: 1x100,3x50,5x40,6x30,10x20)
Fieldfare: 25W (15,10)
Mistle Thrush: 1
Jay: 2
Woodpigeon: 42

Wind: South  - 8 to 5 mph 
11c temp at 0700hrs, -  75% Cloud cover, 12900m visibility,
1003mb pressure.  (17th October 2014)

Dry throughout, for most of the time blue skies and very bright.

(Passerine – mainly Chaffinch heading to the South) Birds definitely had a “slight” bias more to the West side with most of the birds travelling through the centre of the front, over the fields in front of me and also to the right side, although still some where seen to be crossing over Hutton Roof flanks and where picked up at times with binoculars. Just odd birds flying extremely high (200ft+) but most of the birds were at about 50 to 100ft.

Odd parties of 5 or more (Chaffinch), but the majority coming through in pairs or trios. A little blow back at times to create arcing and re-alignment with their passage.

(Turdus – mainly Redwing with majority (75%) to the West with odd birds also to NE/S/SE/SW).  Again the birds where more leisurely than you would expect. Just ad hoc parties very occasionally, no regular “continual lines” mode.  Most stuff in the first hour which could well have been overnight roosting parties from further back. Party sizes ranging from 10 to 100 but most averaging 20/40s.

The flightline for all birds today was considered best viewed from the Track from Vic Lane to Dalton Business Offices (SD5390776792) 


Thursday October 16th 2014
Visible Bird/Bat Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Russell Farm, Dalton from 0730hrs to 1230hrs)
All movement passerine S/SE unless stated otherwise. All movement with Thrushes SW/W/NW Wind: East 7mph, 8c temp, 64% Cloud cover, 12300m vis, 999mb pressure. The wind decreased even further as the morning progressed. Good counts of Redwing again but they never really got in the mood with continuity just occasional ad hoc parties. (Flight study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 563
Linnet: 7 (4,111)
Goldfinch: 46 (20,20,6)
Redpoll: 4 (1,1,1,1)
Meadow Pipit: 3
Alba Wagtail: 2
Skylark: 10 (7,2,1)
Redwing: 1397 (1000SW,397 W/NW) (best parties: 2x100,2x80,4x60,3x50,6x30,13x20)
Fieldfare: 10 SE
Mistle Thrush: 8 (4,1,1,2)
Blackbird: 7 (4,3)
Starling: 12 continentals and 150 leaving Leighton Moss Roost.
Woodpigeon: 78 (15W)

Red Admiral Butterfly: 1
Bat (probably Noctule): 1

Wind: East 7 down to 3 mph 
7c temp at 0700hrs -  64% Cloud cover, 12300m vis,
999mb pressure.  (16th October 2014) 

All passerine movement was either South or South East.  Goldfinch usually keep to a South routing (little ever deters them).  Lots of Chaffinch where seen going over the full flanks of the west side to Hutton Roof and some even further back as though on the Common itself heading in the main to a SE direction,and it was necessary to check occasionally with the aide of binoculars.

Redwing and Fieldfare passage was in the main to a South West (75%) although there was also another line which went to North West (25%)

No continuity passage took place today with the thrushes it was mainly on a ad hoc irregular basis.  Lots of birds where again seen to be collecting on Hutton Roof with in off in off bouts. Some birds where seen to plummet from height into Hutton Roof.  Some parties had that leisurely flight appearance. 


Wednesday October 15th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Russell Farm, Dalton from 0730hrs to 1130hrs)
All movement SE unless stated otherwise.  Wind East 10 to 15mph and increasing to 20/25 by 1000hrs, 8c, 47% Cloud cover, 15300m vis, 1007mb pressure. Chaffinch going well but very fragmented broad line coming over as far as you could see from both directions width. Redwing again difficult.  I did manage to find lots on a line, but as the morning went on they started to drop into Hutton Roof, and were continually seen leaving and going back repeatedly and so I had to stop counting them at times until things settled down.  No continual regularity about passage. Nice to have first Siskin of the year. Also good Woodpigeon coming across the West side. (More Flight Direction Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 449 SE
Siskin: 4 (one party)
Linnet: 5 (3,1,1)
Goldfinch: 10 (one party)
Redpoll: 6NW (one party)
Greenfinch: 1
Reed Bunting: 3 (one party)
Redwing: 1422 (41 parties: best: 140, 2x80, 1x60, 5x50, 15x30, 9x20, 8x10) Mainly SE but 100NW, 370NE.
Fieldfare: 137 (80,30,20,7) one party 30NE all others SE
Blackbird: 4 W (one party)
Mistle Thrush: 2SE
Skylark: 6 (2,2,2)
Alba Wagtail: 2
Woodpigeon: 146 (best party: 2x30,2x20,3x10)
Starling: 47W (best 20)

1700hrs - A quick walk around Burton In Kendal

Redwings could be seen getting restless on the west side wooded flank of Hutton Roof and also one party of 20 seen going South. Chaffinch still on the move even at this time had over a score in the hour. Also forgot to record that when I was doing the walk yesterday evening had over 50+ Tree Sparrows in the hedgerows, tonight that number was reduced to about 15 which is the regular size of the local breeding population.

Wind: NE  - 10-24mph   
Wind freshening by 1000hrs to 15-24mph, 8c temp at 0700hrs -  47% Cloud cover, 15300m vis, 1007mb pressure.  (15th October 2014)
Watchpoint: Russell Farm, Burton In Kendal, Cumbria.

The strong gusty North East Winds made it very difficult for the birds and forced most of the birds (Chaffinch and small passerine) to head in a South East general direction (75%).  Also the line was much more fragmented with smaller pairs or parties involved.

The Chaffinch and others used their full broad front from as far as the eye could see on both directions.  But it was also clearly noticed today that more birds than usual where passing directly over the higher west side flank of Hutton Roof and could only be seen with binoculars, so probably lots of birds will have been missed.  The wind again today was causing much blow back and arcing with the birds.

Today the Redwing and Fieldfare made their introductions with lots of parties seen both going NW but the main parties heading to the SE.  No true continual regular passage was noted it was very ad hoc and if anything leisurely with birds constantly dropping into Hutton Roof and then would occasionally alight and circle round and go back into Hutton Roof again.  There seemed to lack that determined “go for it”.

Making 75% of the birds take on a SE routing rather than a South route. Probably Majors Nursery might have been a better proposition as “watchpoint” today 


Tuesday October 14th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Russell Farm, Dalton from 0730hrs to 1130hrs)
All movement SE unless stated otherwise.  Wind NE 15-36mph 8c, 80% Cloud cover, 15100m vis, 1009mb pressure.  Chaffinch going through steady but the line was far fragmented and lots missed.  Start of Redwing passage today.  (Flight path Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 411
Redwing: 247 (20 small parties best: 30,25,4x20) directions 2 parties West all others South East to East
Fieldfare: 1SE
Starling: 5
Meadow Pipit: 2
Linnet: 1
Alba Wagtail: 3
Common Snipe: 4S


Wind: NE  - 16 to 30mph 
8c temp at 0700hrs -  80% Cloud cover
1009mb pressure.  (14th October 2014)

Another hard work day and fragmenting the corridor to a broad front all along the Southern routings.

There felt a slight bias again to a more East side if anything and quite a few birds were seen to be crossing over Hutton Roof itself.  So I quickly crossed over to the “Majors Nursery” watchpoint and spent at least 30 minutes on this line.  But they certainly were not going over there in any numbers, just the odd couple of parties.  Although whilst there I did have 3x20 average Redwing parties crossing through to the East.  It looked very much like they had come from a Warton Crag direction.

I decided after 30mins to return quickly to the Vic Lane/Dalton watchpoint where I continued to count until 1200hrs.

Some Redwing parties where witnessed crossing through the west flank of Hutton Roof as though going out to the South East.  Also a couple of Redwing parties seem to come off Hutton Roof in a SE to NW direction. 


Monday October 13th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Russell Farm, Dalton from 0730hrs to 1030hrs
All movement SE unless stated otherwise.  Wind: NE 13-30mph 7c, 68% to 90% Cloud cover. 18500m vis, 1009mb pressure. (Flight path Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 458
Meadow Pipit: 3
Goldfinch: 53 (15,15,7,7,5,4)
Greenfinch: 1
Skylark: 44 (20,15,2,3,1,4)
Alba Wagtail: 2
Starling: 3
Woodpigeon: 59
Jay: 1
Pink Footed Goose: 20NW (looked as though Silverdale) 30 E (looked as though Caton)

Redwing: 4,000 entered UK via Sunk Island (E. Yorks) also several large parties this morning over Oxenhope, Bradford.


Wind: NE  - 13-20mph 
7c temp at 0700hrs -  68% Cloud cover
1009mb pressure.  (13th October 2014)

The strong gusty North East Winds made it very difficult for the birds and forced most of the birds to head in a South East general direction (75%).  Also the line was much more fragmented with smaller pairs or parties involved.

Around 10% of the birds seem to come in directly from the west/north west as though from Arnside Knott and the Warton Crag areas. Although there is no way of being sure about whether this was a true directional move, for now I would have thought that perhaps these birds where a result of being blown back further down the flight line and arcing around to correct their true desired course.  Lots of blow back and arcing and birds flying side on to the winds was witnessed today.  
Making 75% of the birds take on a SE routing rather than a South route.


Sunday October 12th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria (Russell Farm) from 0730hrs to 1000hrs. All movement South unless specified.  The morning starting with a thick mist to all the low valley areas, leaving the higher areas clear, but this changed within about 30 mins and the mist then spread to the higher points, but quickly receded back into the low areas where it has remained to a lesser degree.  Also the Wind which was 5mph SSW decreased rapidly to 1mph.  All in all the birds just did not want to know and did not get going, other than some trickles which to be honest looked as though they were not that interested and behaved quite casual chasing one another and landing in trees and all that sort of thing! (Further Flight line Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 157 (best parties 6,5,4s)
Meadow Pipit: 4
Reed Bunting: 1
Redpoll: 1
Linnet: 4
Mistle Thrush: 19 (best 8,6)
Song Thrush: 1W
Small Turdus sp: 6 (4,2)
Starling: 1
Jay 1W
Woodpigeon: 56


Wind: SSW  -  5mph to 1mph 
6c temp at 0700hrs -  15% Cloud cover, bright and sunny
1012mb pressure.  (12th October 2014) 

Checked out Russell Farm watchpoint (on the hillside to the SW of the farm) which is right under the flightpath they were using yesterday. Sadly no movement got going, although I am convinced that this will be the place to check out over the next few days.

The morning started with a thick mist to the lower levels to all areas, and you could see clearly above this mist from the watchpoint but within about half an hour the mist started lifting to higher levels and came close to the area of the watchpoint but again receded fairly quickly back to the lower levels where it has remained all morning.  Also on top of this the wind had changed around to a SSW at 5mph which quickly reduced to 1mph.  All in all the birds did not seem to happy with the situation.  Even the dribbles going through were casual and constantly chasing one another and landing in trees etc.                                                 


Saturday October 11th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria from 0730hrs to 1030hrs (total - 3 hours)
All movement South unless specified.  A drop back with wind to East/South East 6mph at times and decreasing.  Movement very strong at first but totally petered out by about 0915hrs. The birds kept to a similar direction line as the last couple of days (to South), but had moved further over to the East eg: following the Hutton Roof Ridge (West Side) but coming directly over Bell Cottage near Russell Farm. By the time I had walked over to the watch point behind Russell Farm the movement had just about stopped! sods law.  Can only put the sudden stop down to the brightness and getting warm and the reduction in wind to calm. (Further Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 560 (best parties: 1x25, 2x23, 3x14, 15x10)
Goldfinch: 20 (one party)
Meadow Pipit: 13
Greenfinch: 2
Linnet: 2
Redpoll: 2
Skylark: 5
Alba Wagtail: 2
Woodpigeon: 36
Mistle Thrush: 27 (Best parties: 7,6,6)
Song Thrush: 2
Starling: 12
Kestrel: 1
Red Admiral B. 2


Wind: East/South East 5 mph 
8c temp at 0700hrs -  50% Cloud cover, 15500m vis,
1008mb pressure.  (11th October 2014)

With little wind it soon became clear that birds were moving thick and tight from first light at 0730hrs.
And they had gone further back with their South routing flightline, by going over Bell Cottage and Russell Farm.  

Moved over to get under the flight line by 0900hrs, and then everything seem to stop, like someone turning a tap off.

The last two days when things have been hard work for the birds they have gone through all day without problem.  Yet give them a day when the winds where very light and for some reason they did not want to know after 0900hrs.


Friday October 10th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria from 0800hrs to 1115hrs and again from 1215hrs to 1500hrs. (total = 6hrs)

All movement South unless specified.  Wind again very strong today at South 15 to 20 mph.  Another great Chaffinch movement, though far more fragmented with smaller groups than yesterday. Again like yesterday the birds followed the same line as yesterday.  Heavy rain at first then clear and bright for most of the count. (Further Study Notes below)

Chaffinch: 1351 (getting to like these 1300+ counts!!) Best parties: 1x21, 2x20, 7x15, 11x10. (916 birds 0800hrs to 1115hrs and 435 birds 1215hrs to 1500hrs.  More birds per ratio in morning.
Goldfinch: 58 (11,20,14,13)
Greenfinch: 2
Redpoll: 4
Alba Wagtail: 2
Meadow Pipit: 5
Swallow: 9 (4,5)
Skylark: 18 (best: 10)
Woodpigeon: 34
Cormorant: 4NW
Common Snipe: 1
Reed Bunting: 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1W
Small Turdus sp: 6 (3,3)
Mistle Thrush: 3
Pink Footed Goose: 11 SE
Red Admiral Butterfly: 2

Wind: South  - 18 mph 

8c temp at 0700hrs and 13c by 1300 -  62% Cloud cover
1003 to 1005mb pressure.  (10th October 2014)

Much the sameness was happening today as yesterday in that birds were coming off the Hutton Roof ridge and then crossing again by the trees and following the “lower flank line” through Mike Taylors field’s and then gaining height whilst going along the flank to head over to what looks like Dalton Business Centre or the East side grounds of Dalton Hall and onward to a South direction.

It was noticed that the Southerly wind today must have been more obstructive for the birds, because although they carried on using the same routing as yesterday, the “blow back” and arcing was far more regular and obvious than it was in yesterdays SSE.

The day started with a heavy downpour rain shower first thing, then intermediate bright sky throughout the rest of the day and it was warm for prolonged periods.  The early afternoon started to become more cloudy with at times a threat of rain.

The birds dropped in quantities from about noon, but still kept coming through in lesser quantities until about 1500hrs, just “ambling or sauntering” through at a steady pace, mainly pairs and trios, but occasionally 8s and more parties.

Still slight movement going on as I left. 

It is a situation whereby anyone could be forgiven for thinking that nothing was going on today, especially this afternoon. Because outside of that very flight line itself the sky looked almost barren of passerine activity!

Thursday October 9th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria. from 0800hrs to 1130hrs and again from 1200hrs to 1445hrs. (total = 6hrs 15mins)

All movement South unless specified.  Wind very strong today at SSE 15mph increasing to 25 mph.  Best Chaffinch movement yet. I would have had lots more but did'nt get on the line until 1000hrs and then had to finish for 30 mins at lunch and finish early at 1445 because of heavy rain.  Birds going through during heavy rain periods at times. Birds still dribbling through on leaving. (Further study notes below)

Chaffinch: 1310 (best parties: 1x34,1x31,2x30,1x22.1x21.5x20,1x18,5x16,3x15,2x14,4x13,4x12,9x10.
(695 birds 0800hrs to 1130hrs and 615 birds 1200hrs to 1445hrs) More birds per ratio in afternoon.
Meadow Pipit: 7
Goldfinch: 57 (best parties: 30,14)
Alba Wagtail: 13
Skylark: 21 (1,3,17)
Greenfinch: 6
Linnet: 6
Swallow: 20 (7,7,4,1,2)
Song Thrush: 4
Mistle Thrush: 2
Woodpigeon: 68
Pink Footed Goose: 14 (plus missed a party as well)

Lots of Dunnocks in hedgerows and also heard a Goldcrest.


Wind: SSE  - 12-25mph (primarily 18-20mph)
8c temp at 0700hrs -  88% Cloud cover
988mb pressure.  (9th October 2014)

Quickly noticed that birds were deviating from their norm and instead of following the Hutton Roof Ridge (to SSE/SE with a general route which heads over to Majors Nursery area, they started to cross over to their right hand side (at roughly the point where the large trees stand which lie more or less in line with the rising incline of Vicarage Lane)  and here they started going by the furthest larger trees to the right of Vicarage Lane and crossing below and into the right hand side flank of the sloping field, obviously to be able to try and get shelter from the strong SSE head winds (steadily increasing in strength to a regular 20 and 25mph ) and also to eventually give them plenty of lift to then carry on S and over the top of the hill to cross somewhere over the Dalton Business Centre and Dalton Hall Estate generally.  I quickly changed over from my regular watch point (at approx 1000hrs) when I realised what was happening and took up a new watchpoint on the farm track which is in the dip and crosses South to the South off Vicarage Lane (ironically its only about 100 yards away from my regular watchpoint as the Chaffinch flies).  Here was the vantage point to witness what was going on because of the funnelling of the birds, and it paid off by having 1300 plus Chaffinch over 6 hours. In hindsight it is now quite obvious this same flight line must have been going on yesterday as well, because that’s why the birds where going undetected everywhere else. 

Also worthy of note, that especially from 1300 hrs it was abhorrent weather with continual heavy rain showers just giving 5 minute breaks every now and then, but the birds kept coming and at times actually carried on whilst the heavy rains persisted.


Without doubt this flight line must now be primarily considered with all future strong Easterly blocking winds. 


Wednesday October 8th 2014
Majors Nursery - Dalton Hall Estate - Burton In Kendal from 0715hrs to 0900hrs
then Burton In Kendal - Off Vicarage Lane from 0915hrs to 1100hrs.  All movement South to South East unless specified. Wind: very strong today at SE 15-20mph and not letting up.  Resulting from yesterday when I know I was missing hundreds of finches and pipits, I have decided to give a try out to a new vismig site for me, which is called Majors Nursery on the Dalton Hall Estate.  This area is without doubt a superb vista and I am sure will prove to be a winner when the conditions are calm and allowing birds to get higher (eg: Winds 0-6mph) and preferably cold conditions (like yesterday). It should in theory pick up most of the Burton and Hutton Roof birds and take on three separate flight lines.  All though I will try and give it a go in all conditions to get some sort of assessment.  But today was not the day, simply because the birds were taking on a westerley side bias whilst on their south south East. and although they maintained that direction it kept the birds really low down and most out of view.

Chaffinch: 227 (25W) (1x9,1x8,1x7) no big parties.
Meadow Pipit: 29 (1x6,1x5)
Goldfinch: 40 (best: 12,2x10,5)
Skylark: 19 (best: 12)
Linnet: 2
Redpoll: 1
Reed Bunting: 1
Alba Wagtail: 7 (all singles)
Grey Wagtail: 1
Starling: 3
Mistle Thrush: 3
Song Thrush: 1
Pink Footed Goose: 33 (17,8,8) all from Majors.
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1
Woodpigeon 12W
Jay: 4 (3NW and 1S)
Red Admiral Butterfly: 2 (1,1)


Tuesday October 7th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0715hrs to 1030hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: SW 6-8mph, 4c, 55%, 17200m vis, 992mb pressure. Another good day especially with the Chaffinch, but noticed today that very few where taking their normal routing but instead going further back as though they were along the top of Hutton Roof and as such must have missed hundreds.  Everytime I looked over that way there were large parties crossing.

Chaffinch: 382 (53W) (best parties: 16,12,10)
Meadow Pipit: 98 (best parties: 20,13,12,10)
Goldfinch: 14 (6,8)
Greenfinch: 8
Siskin: 1
Redpoll: 1
Alba Wagtail: 14
Swallow: 19 (8,9,2)
Skylark: 15 (9,6)
Reed Bunting: 1
Woodpigeon 58
small Turdus species: 17 (all singles, pairs etc)
Mistle Thrush: 3
Blackbird 2W
Starling: 10W (presumed continentals!)
Jay 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1
Kestrel: 1S
Dunnock 2 seen come from high and drop down (plus scores grounded)


Monday October 6th 2015
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 1000hrs to 1120hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: South 15-20mph, 8c, 100% Cloud, Horrendous stormy weather from first light, slightly reduced by 1000hrs. Got to site and started raining yet again with strong winds from South (side wind to birds).  Again the birds were just travelling through the rain at times very heavy.  In fact I now feel like a fully paid up member of the  "gentlemen vismiggers club", because these days its more a matter of standing there with umbrella in one hand. Had to break off at 1120hrs.

Total Chaffinches: 208

Chaffinch: 142 (best parties: 2x9,2x8,7)
Meadow Pipit: 1
Goldfinch: 6 (one party)
Kestrel: 2 (North West).

1200hrs to 1315hours.

Chaffinch: 66 (8W) (best parties: 5,4s)
Goldfinch: 5 (one party)
Alba Wagtail: 1
Turdus species: 1

Dunnocks everywhere (scores plus!) and messing about in the "beet" crops , seeing some of them come in and land in the hedgerows.


Sunday October 5th 2015
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0715hrs to 1200hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: South 9mph 8c, 75% Cloud, 19000m vis, 1018mb.  Another scenario at first with birds going through "heavy" rain showers, suprised because they were just passing trees which I thought they would use for shelter, but no onward they went.  Today was great with birds all the way up to leaving.  In fact at leaving they were still going through at 2/3 per minute. Chaffinch were the main mover as usual, but also good numbers of Meadow Pipits and Goldfinch. Bonus included a party of Tree Sparrow.

Chaffinch: 775 (68W)
Goldfinch: 52 (10,20,16,6)
Linnet: 5
Redpoll: 1
Meadow Pipit: 96 (best parties: 2x14,10)
Alba Wagtail: 6
Swallow: 3
Tree Sparrow: 10 (one party)
Skylark: 1
Song Thrush: 2
Small Turdus species: 8 (5,1,2)
Pink Footed Goose: 10 (one skein to the West)
Greylag Goose: 2 (one paired to the West)
Jay: 1
Woodpigeon: 28
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1E (possibly local)
Common Snipe: 1

1615hours to 1630hrs (just a sampling count)
Chaffinch: 31 (7W)
Linnet: 1
Woodpigeon: 16 (one party)

So this tells me that they are still coming through at such a late hour, with the Chaffinch showing at the rate of approx 2 birds per minute.  This indicates they have been going through all day giving a posible indication of maybe 1375 birds on the day.......

Saturday October 4th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0830hrs to 1000hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise. Wind: NW 14mph, 10c, 100% Cloud, 9200m, 1007mb pressure.  No good starting before because of heavy rain showers.  The strangest thing about today for me was that the birds started moving during a rainy period (obviously the lighter rain showers), and I was stood there with binos in one hand and the umbrella in the other - but good parties of Chaffs and Mipits during this period.  However shortly afterwards the rainy weather abated and cleared up yet you would have thought then that the birds would have made haste, but no, the birds just stopped coming through!

Chaffinch: 111 (22W) (best parties: 10,9,8)
Meadow Pipit: 25 (best parties: 9,7,6)
Goldfinch: 12
Alba Wagtail: 3
Collard Dove: 1W
Greenfinch: 1
House Martin: 11 (one party


Friday October 3rd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 1000hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 14mph South, 12c, 78% Cloud cover, 15400m vis, 1017mb pressure.  Excellent vis today especially with the Chaffinch, but also saw a small Linnet movement, and also my first Redwings.

Chaffinch: 307 (13W)
Linnet: 9 (6 party)
Greenfinch: 1W
Goldfinch: 13 (9,4)
Meadow Pipit: 21 (best parties 5,4)
Alba Wagtail: 5,
Swallow: 4 (3,1)
House Martin: 4 (one party)
Jay: 4NW
Woodpigeon: 13
Song Thrush: 1
Redwing: 3 SE
Tree Sparrow: 1
Pink Footed Goose: 7W


Thursday October 2nd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0900hrs 
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 5mph West, 5c (yes very cold), 31% Cloud, 2000m, 1030mb. Still very quiet. 

Chaffinch: 59 (16W)
Meadow Pipit: 33 (best 8,6,5,5,5)
Alba Wagtail: 5 NW (1,2,1,1)
Woodpigeon: 8 (one party)
Redpoll - heard only


Wednesday October 1st 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0900hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 5mph WSW, 12c, 76% Cloud, 12500m vis, 1020mb pressure. Again very still with the parrellel lines (horizontal division) in the cloud make up, similar cloud patterns we have had now for a couple of weeks or more. Vismig again quiet, but a steady continuous trickle of Chaffinch mainly in pairs but occasionally 4s,5s or 6s.

Chaffinch: 151 (50W)
Alba Wagtail: 10
Greenfinch: 1
Meadow Pipit: 1
Mistle Thrush: 4


Tuesday September 30th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0930hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise. Wind: 3mph SSW, 11c, 75% Cloud, 14900m vis, 1019mb, warm, light rain showers early and then clearing.  Vismig picked up a little today especially with the Chaffinch. Definately far more Thrush agitation today with a little movement etc. Chaffinch still going through regular on leaving in singles, pairs or quartets. 

Chaffinch: 193 (52W)
Meadow Pipit: 12
Swallow: 6 (2,2,2)
Greenfinch: 1
Linnet: 2W
Goldfinch: 10 (one party)
Alba Wagtail: 2
Woodpigeon: 11 (one party)
Blackbird: 4W 
Song Thrush: 7 (5NW & 2NE)
Mistle Thrush: 22S (one party 10,6)
Jay: 6 (1NW and 5W)
Skylark: 1W
Yellowhammer: 1


Monday September 29th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0830hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 1mph SE, 12c, 75% Cloud, 19800m vis, 1020mb pressure.  Haze/Fog bank to all perimeters which soon lifted. Again very still and very little movement for the time of the year (most years would be buzzing now!)

Chaffinch: 68 (30W)
Meadow Pipit: 1
Alba Wagtail: 4 (2,2)
Jay: 6 NW
Pink Footed Goose: 148NW  (one skein 48 at 0825 and another skein 100 at 0830 - over Hale Moss)


Sunday September 28th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0830hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 3mph South, 12c, 100% Cloud, 15900m vis, 1021mb pressure. Very still everywhere.
Again very quiet for time of year.

Meadow Pipit: 44
Chaffinch: 108 (32W)
Alba Wagtail: 10 (more or less always to South or SS East)
Goldfinch: 8 (one party)
Mistle Thrush: 1
Song Thrush: 2
Cormorant: 3 (one imm)


Saturday September 27th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0900hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind South 2mph, 9c temp, 31% Cloud cover, Very Bright once sun got up. 18000m vis, 1025mb pressure. Cold at first becoming warmer. 
Again another quiet count.

Chaffinch: 86 (18W) best parties  8,2x5
Meadow Pipit: 44 (best parties 7,6,5)
Swallow: 21 (20,1)
Goldfinch: 15 (5,10)
Blackbird: 2 (1,1)
Song Thrush: 5 (2NW)
Woodpigeon: 9
Alba Wagtail: 3 (1W)
Magpie: 5 (one party)
GS Woodpecker: 1W
Yellowhammer: 3E

Dalton Crags 1030hrs to 1130hrs (not strictly vismig)

Mistle Thrush 100+  feeding up throughout Dalton, could well be a lot more
Siskin: 7  A party of seven came in from North East.
Chaffinch: A (probable) blogging party of 42 flew over to West plus 12 overhead on vis to S/SE
Meadow Pipit: 30 blogging and 14 overhead on vis to S/SE
Song Thrush 10+ at least ten probably a few more intermingled with the Mistle's
Skylark: 2 - One of the Skylarks did the hovering and ascending at the same time just like you see at the beginning of the breeding season.  But did not sing its beautiful song, just the normal Skylark contact calls.


Friday September 26th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from 0700hrs to 0830hrs.
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise. Wind:WSW 15mph, 13c temp, 100% Cloud cover, 1017mb pressure.
A very quiet count.

Chaffinch: 24 (13W)
Meadow Pipit: 1
Swallow: 12 (5NW,6NW)
Goldfinch: 8W (one party)
Pink Footed Goose: 19NW (One skein at 0750hrs S/SE in and NW out)

Thursday September 25th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Shore Road, Carnforth  from 0700 to 0845hrs.
All movement South unless stated otherwise. wind NW 10 mph,  12c, 100% cloud, 1015mb pressure.
Light rain and drizzle throughout.

Alba Wagtail. 21 (16W)
Swallow 38 (20E, 10NW)
Greenfinch 1W
Chaffinch 8 (2W)
Goldfinch 8W (4,4)
Linnet 24 (2SW, 22W)
Meadow Pipit 12
Common Snipe 4 (grouped)

Others: Greylag Goose 5, Cormorant 1W, Egrets 18, Starlings 100 ish..

Wednesday September 24th 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal - from first light 0650hrs to 0845hrs
All movement South to South East unless stated otherwise. Wind: NW2-3mph, 10c, 25%Cloud, Bright, Sunny, Very cold especially to feet! first time this year. 11500m vis, 1011mb pressure.
Another quiet day)

Meadow Pipit: 1
Starling: 9 (maybe local maybe not)
Woodpigeon: 19,
Reed Bunting: 1
Goldfinch: 3W
Cormorant: 2W
Jay: 1 SE
Pink Footed Goose: 63 from South to W/NW at 0730hrs (one skein only)


Tuesday September 23rd 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal - from first light 0650hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South to South East unless stated otherwise. Wind: 3mph SW, 11c temp. 
At long last movement picking up especially with the Chaffinch, eg: some larger parties coming through today.

Meadow Pipit: 26 (best parties 8,7)
Chaffinch: 89 (best parties: 14,12,2x5s)
Blackbird: 1
Swallow: 1
Alba Wagtail: 22 (best party 11)
Greenfinch: 2 (1,1)
Goldfinch: 8 (one party)
Woodpigeon: 3W

Burton In Kendal - from 0930hrs to 1100hrs
Meadow Pipit: 2
Chaffinch: 154 (best parties: 13,9,8,7,4x6)
Swallow: 42 (best parties: 9,30)
Goldfinch: 6 (one party)
Jay: 1
Starlings: several continental suspects!


Vismig Notes - North West Mipits 

At long last it looks like the Chaffinch are starting to come through today, probably as a result of the winds having now changed back to Westerlies or that’s my opinion! But it was still dire today in relation to the other target species the Meadow Pipits.  Its been so quiet up here for the past three weeks with very little to show especially in regards to the Meadow Pipits and Chaffinch migrations.

I suppose I have been found guilty of blaming this anti-cyclonic weather, or the continual day in day out Easterlies or the high pressure.  Its been as good as anything to use as a excuse and it always sounds logical that if something has to be held responsible then why not come up with one of these feasible (or feeble) excuses!

So unless where I live is within a small micro-climate (like everyone keeps telling me it is!) it does not add up!

Why’s that you may ask!  Well although all this weather stuff has been going on here and we have had such poor counts of Meadow Pipits (bearing in mind to a far smaller proportionate amount to Walney), then just look at the record counts they have been getting just 15 miles (as the Mipit flies) west of us on Walney Island.  Here are their counts over the last seven days, showing the Burton In Kendal/Hutton Roof comparison in brackets:

Sept 13th = 2500 (314), Sept 16th = 4000 (21), Sept 19th = 1000 (296), Sept 20th = 2500 (11) and Sept 21st = 4000 (99). 

Also of significant note is Heysham’s Bird Observatory reporting of:

Sept 18th = 2047 (61) Meadow Pipits, but sadly we don’t have the Walney records for comparisons on that particular day.

In normal years at Burton In Kendal/Hutton Roof I would expect to get at least 10% to 15% amount of birds (Meadow Pipits only) proportionate to a 100% what Walney gets on any given day of the migration .  But this year it falls far short into a minuscule comparison on at least four out of the six recorded days as you can see against the corresponding dates and quantities.

With all those Meadow Pipits having already gone down on the West side of us I wonder if we are going to get any for our usual peaks which as a rule would be any date between the 25th September and the 1st October.

But the reason I have quickly put this piece together is that it does not explain why birds have gone through in really good numbers at other sites West of us when we were left with only dribbles of birds on the same corresponding days, and subsequently going on to thinking (for us) it was down to the unusual weather patterns we have been getting recently when obviously this cannot now be the case! 

So I am left wondering what really is happening?


Monday 22nd September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal, Cumbria - from first light 0650hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind 3mph WSW 9c temp, 90% Cl cover, 1027mb pressure. Felt cold again, lots of dew.
Again movement extremely quiet.

Meadow Pipit: 4
Chaffinch: 67 (9W)
Swallow: 7 (3,3,1)
Alba Wagtail: 2W

Shore Road, Carnforth, Lancashire - from 0838 to 0950hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.

Meadow Pipit: 82 (best parties: 20,9,7,5)
Chaffinch: 10
Alba Wagtail: 10 (best party 7)
Skylark: 18 (best parties 8,6)
Swallow: 60 (best 13,10,10)
C. Snipe: 1W
Goldfinch: 6 (one party)
Greenfinch: 1
Linnet: 1
Collard Dove: 2S
Pink Footed Goose: heard but not seen.

Grounded: Chiffchaff calling within 30 yards, 2 Reed Bunting, Robins galore.
Local: Lots of Lapwings, Curlews, Starlings, 2x Egrets.


Sunday 21st September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Trig Point - Hutton Roof Common - from first light 0650hrs to 0900hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise. Wind 6mph NNE, 8cTemp, 2% Cloud cover, 19300m vis, 1025mb pressure. Colder, clearest day so far all week.
Again movement very quiet.

Meadow Pipits:  99 (just dribbles of singles or pairs throughout)
Chaffinch: 38 (some NE,South and East) best party 10
Goldfinch: 5 (one party)
Swallow: 30 (14,8,4,2,2)
Woodpigeon: 2
Mistle Thrush: 3
Skylark: 5 (all North 2,2,1)
Pink Footed Goose: 13 (one skein at 0900hrs going SE)
Alba Wagtail: 1

Also grounded: Willow Warbler (Lancelot) Linnets and Siskin (possibly local)

1530-1630hrs: Burton In Kendal  Swallows going through South continually, mainly in pairs with the occasional small party.

Saturday 20th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal - from first light 0650hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 3mph NNE, 13c Temp, 94% Cloud cover, 18000m Visibility, 1016mb pressure.  Hazy to all perimeters and closing.
Again movement very quiet.

Chaffinch: 37 (17W)
Meadow Pipit: 11
Swallow: 46 (30,16)
House Martin: 10
Jay: 11 (8,1,2)

Shore Road, Carnforth - from 0815hrs to 0915hrs
All movement South/South East unless stated otherwise.

Meadow Pipit: 37 (best parties 11,6,5)
Chaffinch: 23 (4N) (best partie 12)
Goldfinch: 5,
Skylark: 18 (best party 10)
House Martin: 8 (one party)
Swallow: 43 (best parties 14,13)
Greenfinch: 11 (3,8)

Other stuff grounded: 2 Egrets, 1 Goosander to SE, Lapwings and Curlews.

I think its now becoming obvious that this years Swallow peak was earlier this year and was for me on 16th and 17th September 2014, normally I don't expect peak numbers until at least the 22nd to 26th September.


Friday 19th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Trig Point, Hutton Roof Common from first light 0640hrs to 0900hrs
All movement South to SS East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: 5mph ENE, 12c Temp, 53% Cloud cover, 1013mb pressure. Cloudy, Hazy to all perimeters.
Again movement very quiet.

Meadow Pipit: 296 (best parties: 14,12,11s,10s)
Chaffinch: 10 (7W)
Alba Wagtail: 2
Mistle Thrush: 9 (1,8)
Goldfinch: 13 (6,7)
House Martin: 4
Woodpigeon: 6

Willow Warbler 1
Chiffchaff 1 (in Lancelot Clark Storth)
Reed Bunting: 1


Thursday 18th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0830hrs
All movement South East unless stated otherwise. Wind Variable to 1mph Easterly, 14c temp, 86% Cloud cover with strong haze to all margins, 1013mb pressure.
Again movement very quiet

Swallows: 38 (one party 35) direct in and out.
Meadow Pipit: 61 (best parties 7,3x6.
Chaffinch: 55 (22W) (best parties: 6,2x5)
Goldfinch: 11
Greenfinch: 1
Woodpigeon: 8
Jay: 2 (NW)
Mistle Thrush: 1

Trig Point, Hutton Roof Common 0830hrs to 1100hrs
Swallow: 93 (best parties: 16,12,11 - total pairs or parties: 18 (definately doing the more direct flight line today)
Meadow Pipit: 87 (best parties: 5x5s)
Chaffinch: 10
Alba Wagtail: 5 (2,2,1)
Goldfinch: 7
Red Admiral Butterfly: 4 (individuals)

Wind picked up at 1000hrs to a 3/4 mph Easterly and from then on you could see most of the Mipits and Swallows take their direction to a Easterly routing to have a "face on" wind.

Grounded Migrants: (Dalton and Trig Point area - Hutton Roof).
Stonechat: 3
Willow Warbler: 1
Spotted Flycatcher: 1
Reed Bunting: 2

Burton In Kendal (Off Vicarage Lane) (1500 to 1600hrs)
Still birds trickling through.  Swallows almost continual in small pairs or party groups.
Swallows: 77 (best parties: 15,13,2x7s)
Meadow Pipits: 17 (almost all in pairs)
Chaffinch: 4
Greenfinch: 1
Goldfinch: 11 (one party)
Red Admiral Butterfly: 1


Wednesday 17th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0830hrs
All movement South East unless stated otherwise. Wind 3mph Easterly, 10ctemp, 36% Cloud cover,
13900m vis, 1016mb air pressure. Colder, Misty/Haze throughout especially to West.

Again movement very quiet

Swallows: 192 (best parties: 2x40,3x30, single figures after). Had to curtail hirundine counting for up to one hour to allow birds to clear out, there could well have been up to 500 at least in the sky at the same time which did eventually move out to the SE.  After that only trickles were seen so presume there would have been a continual movement which will have gone through at great altitude and subsequently missed.
Meadow Pipits: 77 (best parties: 7, 3x6, 3x5)
Chaffinch: 58 (7W) (best parties: 6, 5, 6x4s)
Skylark: 1
Woodpigeon: 33S (one party 30)
Alba Wagtail: 1
Pink Footed Goose: 6SE

Also at 1100hrs at Slape Lane, Burton In kendal I also had:
Willow Warbler
Swallow: a party of 6
Chaffinch: 1
Comma Butterfly: 1


Tuesday 16th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind 1mph Easterly, 12ctemp, 39% Cloud cover, 17600m visibility and 1017 air pressure. Warmish.

Again movement very quiet

Swallows: 259 (best parties: 100,50,31,28,20 and 3x10s) Many missed at Mega altitude.
House Martin: 10 (one party)
Chaffinch: 31 (7W) (2x5s and mainly singles and pairs)
Meadow Pipit: 21 (mainly singles and pairs)
Alba Wagtail: 8 (3,4,1)
Woodpigeon: 3

Starling:  30 NE - Ex roost (LeighMoss) to North East at 0715hrs.

Monday 15th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind at first 4mph NE, 12ctemp, 100% Cloud cover, 12000m visibility and 1021 air pressure. Warmish.

Movement deteriorated even worse than yesterday and never picked up.
Swallow: 71 (best parties: 20,20,15,10).
Chaffinch: 4 (2W)
Alba Wagtail: 2

Starling 20 ex roost (LeighMoss) 0748 always head to North East (local)


Sunday 14th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0830hrs
All movement South East unless stated otherwise.  Wind: at first 4mph E then decreasing to variable by 0700hrs and the movement from then was very poor.  Cloudy throughout. Warmish.

Meadow Pipit: 98 (best parties: 18,18,17,10)
Chaffinch: 79 (best parties: 11,10,8)
Swallow: 165 (best parties early on at 80,55,20,8)
Goldfinch: 10W (one party)
Alba Wagtails: 2
Starlings: 150+ leaving roost and heading West by 0745hrs, also moves or ex roost by Lesser Black Black Gulls and Black Headed Gulls.


Saturday 13th September 2014
Visible Bird Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South to South East unless stated otherwise.
Wind 5mph E, Cloudy.

Meadow Pipit: 314 (best parties: 25,20,16,15,14,2x12s)
Chaffinch: 28 (5W)
Curlew: 2
Swallow: 3
Goldfinch: 15 (two parties)
Tree Sparrow: 5 SW
Woodpigeon: 8
Alba Wagtail: 2
Goose species: 5 (skein) - seemed smaller than Pinks and moving very fast.


Friday 12th September 2014
Visible Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South to South East unless stated otherwise. Wind: S/SE 4mph

Meadow Pipit: 58 (best parties: 7s,6s)
Chaffinch: 57 (13E)  (best parties 5s, 6s)
Swallow: 65 (best party 40)
Mistle Thrush: 4 (3+1)
House Martin: 3
Alba Wagtail: 4 (2+2)I Love Arnside & Silverdale
Goosander: 2

Grounded Migrants etc over Dalton Crags 0930hrs to 1115hrs.
Stonechat: at least 3
Willow Warblers: several not seen but heard calling with their houwit call.
Robins: several.

Other stuff: 23 Meadow Pipits flying overhead, also several grounded, 30+ Mistle Thrush probably lots more, Swallow 7,
Alba Wagtail: 2 (1N).

1145hrs at Holme (Sheernest Lane and also on Station Road, wires just full of Swallows and Martins mixed.  At least 200 possibly more.

Thursday 11th September 2014
Visible Migration - Burton In Kendal from first light 0640hrs to 0800hrs
All movement South to South East unless Stated otherwise.

Meadow Pipit: 164 (best parties: 20,16,14)
Chaffinch: 47 (12E),
Swallow: 3
Alba Wagtail: 1
Grey Wagtail: 4 (one party)