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Visible Bird Migration over Burton In Kendal - Autumn 2021

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Photo: Redwing thanks to Craig Bell

Monday 27th September 2021
No counts today due to hospital appointment.

Sunday 26th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Forecast: Wind SSE 6mph, 15c, 50% chance of rain, Precipitation, Pressure: 1008mb, Humidity: 93%, Visibility: 12.9km, Sunrise 0703hrs.

0700hrs to 1000hrs So quiet yet again, start with light rain and visibility down to 200 yards, dried up for sometime but visibility improved but margins still full of low cloud. Just never got going for us (again!). 

Meadow Pipit: 46 se first 0745
Chaffinch: 28 (2w,26s/se) first 0727
Linnet: 49 (30w and 19s/se) first 0751
Swallow: 11 s (1,10)
Alba Watail: 7 se

Blackbird: 1 e
Starling: 36 e (30,6) x roost at 0751

Other areas: (Yesterday Saturday)
Heysham had 17,000 Pink Feet heading South
Formby had 2568 Meadow Pipit South
Spurn had 1127 Linnet South
Crosby had 752 Meadow Pipit South
Oxenhope had 3790 Meadow Pipit South
Bury Gtr M/cr had 1193 Meadow Pipit South

Saturday 25th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal, Forecast: - Wind WSW 3mph, 16c, 20% chance of rain, Precipitation, humidity 93%, 1013mb pressure. 16.1km visibility. 0702 sunrise - Flight altitude:

0700-1200hrs  Today was a special day with lots of Pink Footed Geese. Some came overhead to a SE routing, but the majority were some distance away and only seen and counted with binoculars. These birds were mainly coming from a sort of Central Lakes areas and heading almost past Warton Crag to the South or South East. They started at approx 0800hrs and finished by 0900hrs although there were still the odd skeins going through up until 1130hrs. I would estimate approx 30 skeins ranging in sizes from 50 to 250. Also I did miss a few skeins which were above cloudbase. 

Of interest was when a friend who lives close to my watchpoint said he and his wife were awakened at 0200hrs and 0500hrs by the sound of passing overhead geese. Also this morning was the start of the Chaffinch and Linnet proper.

Pink Footed Goose 2631 s/se (approx 30 skeins) first: 0800hrs
Meadow Pipits: 82 se (best parties: 1x8,3x6) first 0742hrs
Chaffinch: 57 (47se, 10w) (best parties: 1x10,1x9) first: 0726hrs
Linnet: 18 se (5,5,8)
Reed Bunting: 1 se
Swallow: 12 s/se (2,6,4)
Mistle Thrush: 8 sw (2,3,3)

Starling: 55 e (ex roost from 0720hrs)
Greylag Goose: 43 (20se @0725,14@0740,9w@0752)

Other areas: (Yesterday Friday)
Yesterday: 12000 Pink Footed Goose south over Spurn

Friday 24th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal, Forecast - Wind: WSW 12mph, 10-15c, 40% chance of rain, Precipitation, humidity: 83%, Cloud 100%, Pressure 1013 mb, Visibility: 16.1km. Flight average altitude: 60ft 

0700hrs - 1000hrs  Actual weather - Rained throughout light drizzle, occasional wind with gust to 10mph, Visibility down to 200 yards at best and at times closing.

First on way up to watchpoint found my road closed due to a water mains burst, so instead of a detour decided to go up to Whinn Yeates and watch from there, but when I got up there it was completely fogged out within visibility down to 20 yards at best. Gave it half hour, heard lots of Geese overhead (presumed Greylags). Nothing passerine movement. So came back down at 0900hrs and went the long detour to get up to my regular watchpoint on Vicarage Lane.  Here visibility was down to 200 yards at best and continual drizzle rain. Very quiet with only 3 Meadow Pipits SE and 4 Chaffinch S and that was it over one hour. Came away at 1000hrs.

Other areas: Late yesterday afternoon/early evening - Thousands of Pink Footed Geese on the move. Mainly S down East Coast, but also Simon had good numbers crossing over Manchester and heading North/North West (I wonder if these were overshot birds making their way to Martin Mere or Morecambe Bay. 

Thursday 23rd September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: West 11mph, 12-15c, 20% chance of rain, Precipitation, Cloud 100%, 1017mb pressure, 16.1km visibility, 92% humidity, 0658 sunrise. Flight elevation: 30-100ft

0630 - 1030hrs Another quiet day, thats 3 quiet on the run now, it must be down to the high pressure. Other sites in Northern England its the same. Never had this so drawn out before at the usual main mipit season and thats in over 40 years... I guess there is always a first for everything. 

Meadow Pipit: 15 (1s 14se) first 0730hrs.
Chaffinch: 29 (6w, 1n, 7s, 7se) first 0718hrs
Goldfinch: 5 w (single party)
Linnet: 19 se (9,10)
Swallow 9 s (4,2,3) going the regular way again today.
Mistle Thrush: 3 sw
Jay: 2 se
Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1 sw

Starling 50e ex roost at 0730hrs.

I had not realized the albatross was so large!!

Wednesday 22nd September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: WSW10 mph, 14c, 30% chance of rain, Humisiry: 97%, precipitation, 1026mb pressure. 16.1 km visibility, 6.56hrs sunrise. Flight elevation: 30-50ft

0630hrs - 1000hrs - Very quiet throughout with little moving and this seems to have been the situation at most sites throughout Northern England. Again the Swallows were exiting to the West/North West instead of their regular S/SE. The few mipits went South rather than SE.

Meadow Pipit: 16s (unusual direction normally SE)
Chaffinch: 17 (4n,4w,7s)
Linnet: 3w
Swallow: 6 (2w/nw, 2s, 2w/nw)
Starling: 1w
Jay: 2nw

Other areas:
2 Redwing reported from Banstead, Surrey.

Tuesday 21st September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: WSW 3-5mph, 10c, 100% cloud, 10% chance of rain, precipitation, 1028mb pressure. Sunrise at 0654hrs. Elevation: 100 metre approx - Birds flying at 50-100ft.

0630hrs - 1000hrs  Really quiet throughout (also checked out Whinn Yeates which is at 191metres and all I found was Mipits blogging) so the extra 91 metre altitude did not help any. I just dont think they wanted to know today. The sky was milky again with little to no wind. Everyear I notice that on certain dates the Swallows exit to the North West..... I wonder why?

Meadow Pipit: 39 se
Chaffinch: 23 (12se 11w)
Greenfinch: 1 se
Linnet: 11 se (5,6)
Swallow: 10 nw (3,3,1,3)
Alba Wagtail: 1 se
Skylark: 10s (one party)

Greylag Goose: 12w (one party)
Starling: 23 e (ex roost at 0712hrs)
Red Admiral butterfly: 1 s

Monday 20th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: ENE 3mph, 8c, 10% chance of Rain, 98% humidity, Precipitation 0.2cm, 1022mb pressure. Visability 14.5 km. Sunrise 6:53.

0630hrs to 1030hrs. Really quiet, too bright, no wind, maybe the birds went high who knows. Just a early morning flurry! Highlight yet more Pintail to SE

Meadow Pipit: 45 se (first 0659hrs)
Chaffinch: 23 se
Linnet: 20w (one party)
Swallow: 16 se (11,2,3)
Alba Wagtail: 1
Pintail: 5 se at 0652hrs

Starling: 39 e (ex roost from 0707hrs)

Above two photos taken this morning from watchpoint 20th Sept 2021

Sunday 19th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: SW 2mph, 12c, 97% humidity, Chance of Rain 30%, 0.2cm precip, 1012  mb pressure, 9.7km visability. Sunrise 0651hrs.

0630hrs -  1200hrs A far better morning with good parties of both Meadow Pipits and Swallows. Spitting light rain at times nothing much. 1100hrs visability down to 300 yards and wind change to S and back to SSW at 1200hrs. Birds still moving on leaving. (Meadow Pipits and Swallow)

Meadow Pipit: 295 se (best parties 1x16,1x14,1x13,1x10,1x9, 2x8. (1st 0703hrs)
Swallow: 187 s/se (best parties: 1x47,1x35,1x23,1x16,1x15,1x14)
Chaffinch: 37 (21se and 16w)
Linnet: 20 se (one party)
Starling: 1 w (probably continental)

Also: Noctule Bat: 1
Starling: 38 e (ex roost from 0718hrs)
Greylag Goose: 35 w/nw (12,15)
Red Admiral butterfly: 2 s

(above cloud formations 19th September 2021)

Saturday 18th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: ESE 3mph, 13c, 85% humidity, Chance of Rain 40%, 1013mb pressure, 16.1 km visability, sunrise 0649hrs.

0630hrs - 1000hrs - Still very quiet with little moving. Pair of Pintail to SE on usual flightpath.

Meadow Pipit: 61 (best parties: 1x8,1x7)
Chaffinch: 22 (12se and 10w)
Linnet: 1 se
Alba Wagtail: 1se
Swallow: 14 s/se (6,8)
Pintail: 2se at 0940hrs

Jay: 1s,
Heron: 1 se
Raven: 3 (1w 2nw)
Noctule Bat: 2

Also whilst travelling via Settle 3 more Pintail heading SE

Friday 17th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind SE 7mph, 12c, 91% humidity, Chance of rain 10%, 1012mb pressure, Visability: 16:1 Km, sunrise 0647hrs. 

0630hrs - 1100hrs. Really poor today with just a early trickle then down to almost nil for the last hour. Mainly Meadow Pipits, still really poor on the Chaffinch. 1st Alba. also 1st Starling to the W.

Meadow Pipit: 50 se (best parties 1x8, 1x6)
Chaffinch: 8 (5w 2se)
Linnet: 5 se
Goldfinch 5 se
Swallow 7 s/se
Alba wagtail: 1 se
Starling: 1 w

Starling 33 e (presumed ex roost at 0659hrs)
Greylag Goose: 21 s/se at 0703hrs then returned W at 0736 hrs

Lovely sunrise to start the day

Thursday 16th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal: Wind SSW 2mph, 14c, 95% humidity, 10% chance of rain, 1016mb pressure, Visability 9.7km. The wind picked up to 3mph at 0900hrs and we seemed to then get more birds.

0630hrs - 1100hrs - No pots broken just steady trickles.

Meadow Pipit: 72 (best parties 1x9,1x7,2x5) first bird 0657hrs
Chaffinch: 22 (9w,1s, 12se)
Linnet: 4 se (one group)
Swallow: 14 (4w and 10se) 4,1,4,2,1,2.
House Martin: 4 se
Pintail: 6 se (one party)
Buzzard 2s (1,1)
Pink Footed Goose heard large skein moving S. (above cloud base)

Starling 23 e (at 0703hrs presumed left roost)
Greylag Goose: 76se and 24n/nw (7se at 0644,30se@0650,30s@0655,24n/nw @0713, 9se at 0755.)

Wednesday 15th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Ln, Burton In Kendal. Wind ENE 2mph, 10c, Chance of rain 20%, Humidity 95%,1014mb pressure, visability 11.3km. 

Time of Watch 0630hrs to 1000hrs. Nothing got going today, with little to no wind and very bright. Just odds and sods.

Meadow Pipit: 14 se first 0711hrs)
Swallow: 13 se (1,4,2,1,1,2,1,1)
Chaffinch: 5 se (2,3) first 0705hrs
Goldfinch: 1 se
Linnet: 10 w (one party)

Other Starling 18 e at 0708hrs (ex roost).
Noctule Bat: 1
Painted Lady Butterfly (see photo below), Green Veined Whites.

"A speck in the upper sky,
swallow-ed up by the hazy blue,
Autuminal freshness,
Wasp and others propelling wings,
create a wuzzy blur,
they zig zag across with untold speed
faster than one so swift all gone now"

(above) Painted Lady on Clover off Vicarage Lane 15th Sept 2021

Tuesday 14th September 2021  Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind ENE 5-6mph, 12c, Rain light off and on throughout, 100% Cloud down to 90% at close. Vis 16.1km, Humidity: 89%, Pressure 1014mb.

Time of watch 0630 to 1000hrs. A little bit of movement with the Mipits only with one party at 14.

Meadow Pipit: 60 SE (best parties: 1x14,1x8,1x6)
Chaffinch: 5 west
Swallow: 5 SE
Cormorant: 2 SE

Noctule Bat: 2 local at first light. 
Wasp, Large Bees and Cockchafers.  At times moving violently with speed from side to side, with heights to almost 100ft and seen regular at 40ft. Lots of activity presuming the wasp were going to feed on the fruiting Ivy. 

Monday 13th September 2021 Taylors Field, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: East 10 - 15mph, 11c, 0.2mm rain, 100% cloud, 1020mb pressure.

Just as I thought we started to get a little movement with the change to Easterlies, but quite strong at times and birds struggled but persevered. Meadow Pipits were the main goers today. Time of watch 0630 to 1000hrs

Meadow Pipit: 68 SE (best parties 2x8, 1x7)
Chaffinch:  6 (5se and 1w)
Goldfinch: 5 se (one party)
Swallow: 13 (10se and 3n)
Starling: 6e
Greylag Goose: 14 se at 0942hrs.

Sunday 12th September 2021  Taylors Fields, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind: WNW 2-3mph, 11c, 0.0mm rain, 90% Cloud, 1018mb pressure. 

Still quiet with little moving, but just signs of a little build and hopefully tomorrows Easterlies should improve the situation. Time of watch 0630 to 1000hrs

Chaffinch: 11 (4w, 2nw, 4se)
Goldfinch: 7 w (one party)
Linnet: 8 s (one party)
Meadow Pipit: 4 se (one party)
Swallow: 7se  (4,3)
Starling: 28 E (12,15,1, probably ex roost from 0736hrs on. 
Greylag Goose: 11 se (8 at 0645hrs and 3 @ 0835hrs)

Saturday 11th September 2021  - Taylors Fields, Vicarage Lane, Burton In Kendal. Wind SW 6-12mph, 13c, 0.0mm rain, Fog, 100% Cloud, 1012mb pressure. 0630hrs to 1000hrs.

Still very quiet, just the trickle of Chaffinch, but first Pink Feet.

Chaffinch: 9 (1w,2w,1w,1se 4se)
House Martin 1 se
Swallow: 5 se
Meadow Pipit: 2 se (1,1)
Greylag Goose: 6 se (2,4)
Pink Footed Goose: 15sw (one skein 0920hrs) First of the year...
Little Egret: 2 se (paired)

Lots of wasp moving to and fro to feed on the nearby ivy.

Friday 10th September 2021 -

Taylors Fields, Vicarage Lane 0900hrs to 1000hrs.

Chaffinch: 3 se (one group)
Swallow: 11 se (4,2,3,2)
Starling: 5 e
Little Egret: 1se

Thursday 9th September 2021

Just did a brief check this morning over on Whinn Yeates, but nothing moving as yet although I had a blogging Meadow Pipit party of some 25 birds.


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