Friday, 12 March 2010

Great Grey Shrike back at Hutton Roof

The Great Grey Shrike has been back on territory around the Trig Point/Ploverlands area since Wednesday.

I went up today and I was not dissapointed, I managed to get some good views as it moved around the Ploverlands area just South/South East of the Trig Point.

Also coming down I had a pair of Willow Tit at the clearing just before ascending the Hutton Crags.. Also Meadow Pipit and Chaffinch where going over..


8th April 2010: I have checked out on most days since (Fri March 10th 2010) and it was still there until about the 27th March 2010 and its not been recorded since.


On Hutton Roof I search for thee,
Up here you are elusive and free.
Sometimes you leave that hawthorn perch,
For beetle, fly or insect search...

It is so grand to sit and watch,
You stop mid air and flutter,
Whilst prey goes past, for you to catch,
No sound of Joy you utter...

Each time I try to get close to you,
Before long your up and away,
You watch over me, like I over you,
Fair distance is kept at bay...

Will you be here tomorrow, my friend,
Or will you have flown the Roof,
Whichever way, I'll wish you well,
Until the next time, Farewell, Farewell.
Bryan Yorke - 2010