Thursday, 22 April 2010

Grasmere - LOUGHRIGG SUMMIT - Ambleside

Yesterday we set off from Grasmere, quick call to get a couple of slabs of the World famous gingerbread from Nelson's Gingerbread Shop (The Shop which used to be the old school where William Wordsworth worked for sometime), and then visit the Wordsworth Graves, which has now become almost a ritual whenever we are in Grasmere. And on leaving the Churchyard (St. Oswald's), crossing over the road and off up Red Bank Road, going through Red Bank Wood before starting our hardous ascent up to the Loughrigg Summit.

From up there it was probably one of the most beautiful views I have ever witnessed looking towards Grasmere. Overlooking the Mere, and Dove Cottage on the far banking, also excellent views of, Elterwater, Loughrigg Tarn, Estwaite Water, and the great Lake Windermere. It was so peaceful up here with just odd couples or parties passing through every now and again. I even managed to get inspired to do a little poetry whilst up here (see below)....

A lonesome Crow came by, and it seemed strange to see birds actually flying below us. The Crow saw us eating our sandwiches and decided to play the patience game by sitting on a nearby rock, just waiting for the moment we decided to go and hoping all the time that we left it some goodies... occasionally it would become a little impatient and leave its sentry to do a lap of honour before returning to its outpost once again. "Who says patience doesn't pay off" well we left that crow some butty crust and a couple of sausage rolls. Looking back as we left, it was there immediately on our vacation and could be seen with its bill full to the brim carrying the sausage rolls to a more descreet location....

It was a fairly clear day with 95% blue sky, with just the occasional clouds moving by, and I was rather intrigued by the great shadows it was leaving over "Silver How", you could if you wished make the shadows into well know shapes, I thought I recognised a Grey Squirrel at one stage with its large bushy tail. There where shapes of all sorts. It ran through my mind that the shadows where spirits moving through.....

Several Wheatear where present on these mountains, some actually calling with their rasping territorial song.... these where heard and seen on our descent which eventually lead us down to Brow Head Farm, and later crossing over the River Rothay and making our way to the 555 south bus stop in Ambleside.


I felt I'd climbed a thousand steps,
And would have done a thousand more.
For here, I could have touched the sky,
Or stepped upon a floating cloud.
For heaven I'm sure that this could be,
I felt so peaceful, calm and free.....

The haunting calls of distant geese,
Echo throughout the Vale,
Whilst passing clouds weave in and out,
Makes moving shadows on Silver How,
Like Spirits passing by.....