Friday, 26 August 2011

Gud Morning Mi Lady- Tresses (26th Aug 2011)

Gud Morning Mi Lady…..Tresses (26th Aug 2011)

Everybody says the same thing!
When I show them the Autumn Lady’s Tresses..
“Well we would never have noticed them unless you had showed us”,
their so small and difficult to see,
Even to the trained eye, they can be easily missed.
And if you count them today there might be 40 spikes,
But probably if I counted them again tomorrow there would be 35 or even 45.

They always are so special a little flower how they,
Twist, or wind or spiral,
Like climbing a Helter-Skelter.
With greyish, silverish green coloured platted stalks,
They look West across the bay,
Huddled beneath those nearby limestone outcrops,
Yet forever trying to dodge the marauding munching sheep”

A couple of weeks and you will have gone,
You’ve been so patient to hang on,
You are the last in the Orchid queue,
And thanks for providing another close view…..