Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bullfinch, Chaff-Chiff and Frogs,

Diary Sketch for Wednesday March 6th 2013 (CLICK OVER SKETCH TO ENLARGE)
Thursday March 7th 2013(0600-0630hrs)  I have already been out this morning, and froggies are lying about in the roads.  The milder moist morning seems to have got them moving yesterday and again this morning. Moved one out of the road on Station Road and another one at the top of Thornleigh.
Shortly to head up Dalton and Hutton Roof.

(0900hrs to 1100hrs) Enjoyable yet still so quiet especially in relation to the upland species, windy whilst going up, but more settled and wind backing off by the time I was coming down.  In fact by then it had even stopped raining and the sun was trying to get through.
But still no larks or pipits or finches or wagtails, in fact nothing went through during the couple of hours I was there.  It was the perfect listening situation lower down within Dalton Crags, while on my way back, I was pleasantly serenaded by three different Song Thrushes which were perhaps 100 yards apart from one another, and all were perched on their various look outs at the highest possible branches, forming what can only be described at best "a sort of triangle of sound"  with their various, squeaks, chatters, screams, mimics and a host of other sounds.  (some of the sounds as yet indiscipherable into any form of the English language, but I am currently compiling a list of the varied sounds which they so admirably discharge.)