Sunday, 26 May 2013

Blog Reports from Sunday May 26th onwards

May 19th week  "highlights"
I have been out and about this week as usual, doing lots of survey work on Birds Foot Sedge, and checking out lots of woodland rides and woodland edges to see if I can find Redstarts, Flycatchers and Warblers. It was great to see our village Swifts the other evening "screaming and screeching" above the Main Street in Burton In Kendal. Also been spending a day down at "Coronation Street".

Not sure about other places, but the Swallows at Russell Farm have not returned to their full numbers. There is about 8 birds returned this year and normally there would be around the 25-30, and usually they produce young with as many as 70 birds.

Mountain Melick Grass
Yesterday (Friday) was a superb morning, especially on finding a new pair of Spotted Flycatcher's on the boundary confines of the local Clawthorpe Fell. Have also spent most of Saturday looking for them on other woodland  perimeters but nothing positive to report at the moment.

Also been noting areas with Spring Cinquefoil, Spring Sandwort and Mountain Melick Grass.

Nice also to make new records of Willow Warblers to add to my already extensive survey.  Yesterday also produced a new Chiffchaff which was to the rear South West of Adele Bank (off Station Road) Burton In Kendal, and singing from the trees at the head of the motorway embankment.

Birds Foot Sedge - carex ornithopoda
Goldcrest seem to be doing fine so far!  I am really suprised this little bird is holding its own this year with all the struggles with the weathers versus insects.  I am finding them at all their usual locations, plus new sites (all conifer sites so far).

In Lancelot this morning (Sat June 1st 2013), Clarky and Miss A Note were singing away. Blackcaps prolific.

Early Purple Orchids seem to have been everywhere (almost) and think perhaps they are now on the turn, Yellow Pimpernel is showing up on the tracks in Lancelot and Storth, Common Cowheat is about two weeks away in Lancelot, Travellors Joy (old mans beard - clematis) is now bright green and stretching his veins along the grykes of pavement 2a in Lancelot. Could not find Field Madder in Lancelot this year as yet but the Birds Foot Sedge has gone from strength to strength and although we surveyed last year and brought the numbers up to 629 clumps, I'll bet this year there will be even more. The Angular Solomons Seal is represented in most of its usual places and perhaps about one week off its best, also the Lily Of The Valley is a week or two behind but coming through strong now and again a week or so off its best. Nice patch of Bugle is showing up in Lancelot.

Woodruff - galium odoratum
Wow what a fabulous display of bluebells this year in at least a couple of our Woodlands, I would think now they are perhaps at their best and on the turn. The woodlands around Lancelot besides showing bluebells are also showing some good carpetting of  "Woodruff" (a sort of cleaver looking plant) known to grow in ancient woodlands.  I did'nt know it also has another name, "Master of the Woods". I did actually pluck a leaf or two to chew upon and it was pleasant like a sort of "vanilla" taste. Also the Ramsons are taking over a couple of the copses and woodlands giving away their presence with the mighty powerful aroma of "garlic"