Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Broad Leaved Helliborine - Purpurea

Thats what you call Purpurea!  (Click over to enlarge)
This little beauty was on Hutton Roof today, and probably the best "purpurea" example I can say I have seen to date, absolutely striking, but a little too windy for me to get a good close up to show you the inner flower which again was just stunning!  will try again over the next couple of days to get a photograph of this. Typical extra large "helliborine" grooved leaves which are always far darker in colour than usual with these variants.

Another point of interest is that it is quite noticeable that the "purpurea's" seem to be at their best when in cover or in shade as these where.  There is another specimen within a couple of metres of this one.

We also found a couple of examples of Broad Leaved Helliborines variant "viridiflora" but again the photos have not turned out well, will try again soon!

Here is another close up of the Purpurea. (Please click over photo to enlarge).

E. Helliborine var "Purpurea" - Stunning colours"
Finding extraordinary numbers of the Broad Leaved Helliborines today there where so many beautiful coloured specimens and without doubt it was a question of being spoilt for choice, but here is one that stood out by its colours.

A truly beautiful specimen
And to finish off we have such a tangled web - just shows how much a plant can and will endure to make the show go on!

"Nothing in life is straight forward"
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