Sunday, 26 April 2015

Most of the Tree Pipits have arrived in Dalton.

This was a scene from last year from a nearby Dalton woodland

"My Dalton Crags deforested stomping grounds"
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The Tree Pipits of Dalton

Wednesday 6th May 2015 - Burton In Kendal Main St 200hrs to 2030hrs

10 Swifts now back and hawking above their territories at Manor House, Royal and Burton Memorial Hall.

Tuesday 5th May 2015 - Dalton Crags 1600hrs to 1615hrs

Craig and Craggy the Chiffchaffs were busy singing away, along with lots of Willow Warblers and Blackcaps, but no Tree Pipits singing today.  One Greenland Wheatear seen on "Wheatear Plain", but still waiting for our late Cuckoos.

Monday 4th May 2015 - Burton In Kendal Main Street 2015hrs to 2030hrs  "Our Swifts have arrived"

Hurrah! our Swifts have arrived with two seen hawking in the skies high above Burton Memorial Hall and the surrounding areas. 

Friday 1st May 2015 - Dalton Crags and Hutton Roof 0900hrs to 1030hrs.

Lovely sunny morning but still got that underlying cold SE chill to it. Willow Warblers throughout and also 3 Blackcaps singing near Plain Quarry. Odd Chiffchaff calling.  At least 3 pairs of Tree Pipits calling but some other pairs remaining quiet. Two calling Yafflers.  Still no Cuckoo.

Thursday 30th April 2015 - Dalton Crags. 1700hrs to 1800hrs

Very quiet throughout with just Willow Warblers singing. Also Linnet calling at bottom of deforested - usual place.

Monday 27th April 2015 - Dalton Crags and Hutton Roof 0900hrs to 1030hrs

Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and Willow Warblers down at Plain Quarry, and Willow Warblers were generally about.  First day with Linnets heard and seen in both Dalton Crags lower and also on the Common.  Two Greenland Wheatear at Wheatear Plain. Four Tree Pipits singing.

Sunday 26th April 2015 - Dalton Crags and Hutton Roof 0900hrs to 1130hrs

Down at the bottom of Dalton Crags there were lots of Willow Warblers, both Chiffchaffs, a couple of Blackcap and one Garden Warbler.

As I went into Dalton upper (deforested) I had several pairs of Tree Pipits who thankfully have all arrived back safely, just the odd bird singing and parachuting, they normally take a few days to warm up.  But they just do have that special song (probably my favourite).  Look forward to hearing them over the coming days.

One Wheatear feeding up on the Common, about 30 yards away from the Trig Point.

Pair of Buzzards, one male Kestrel.