Thursday, 10 March 2016

Some Bird Migration Notes/Records for HUTTON ROOF

The ghost of the flying Green Woodpecker!  (Click over to enlarge) also check others below
(Lenticular Clouds forming)


Tuesday March 15th 2016 - Dalton and Trig Point, Hutton Roof 0900hrs to 1030hrs

Some beautiful cloud formations shown below. Also Meadow Pipits: 9 (3,1,1,2,1,1,) Skylark 3 (one party and Alba: 1 all going NW.  A definite main start today.

Other nice stuff!  A Small Tortoishell Butterfly hawking around Plain Quarry Car Park. 

Lenticular Clouds forming - Flying saucers (Click over images to enlarge)

Monday March 14th 2016 - Dalton and Trig Point, Hutton Roof 0900hrs to 1100hrs

Meadow Pipits 7 (one party of 5 and one of two) all NW, Ravens 3

Friday March 11th 2016 - Dalton and Trig Point, Hutton Roof  0900hrs to 1100hrs

Blackbirds from yesterday all cleared out by this morning.  Just 4 Skylark (3+1) to the NW. Surprisingly no Mipits and no Albas.

(10th March 2016) Hawfinch and Crossbill records  - Belated records kindly sent through from Robert Ashworth (Kendal) for Hutton Roof

A further single Hawfinch seen on 25th November 2015 in the NW corner of Dalton Crags deforested.

Two Great Black Backed Gulls seen going over Dalton on 23rd February 2016

8 Snipe seen on Uberash Roughs on 25th November 2015

7 Crossbills on (a 3 and a 4 party) included at least one bright red male.  South over wood near Plain Quarry. On 23rd February 2016

Thursday March 10th 2016 - Dalton and Trig Point - Hutton Roof 0930hrs to 1100hrs

Still no Shrike today.  Just one Alba Wagtail going through to the North.  A very interesting party of 8 Blackbirds in Dalton (upper) of which 7 were males and 1 female, presumed CONTINENTALS feeding up whilst on migration.  Otherwise local stuff with two separate Green Woodpeckers, also Bullfinch piping.  ALL DALTON AND HUTTON ROOF TRIG SKYLARKS are back on territory and singing away. No Mipits through today.

Wednesday March 9th 2016 - Dalton, Trig and Lancelot - Hutton Roof 0830hrs to 1100hrs

Not a lot doing on the wildlife front today.  Been all over the fells this morning checking out for the SHRIKE but don't think he has arrived so far this year.  Did have a single Curlew heading from the coast to the East with just a short call burst "hoowhi", also a single Alba Wagtail heading NW, and just a single Meadow Pipit heading North.  All Skylarks singing and back on territory in Dalton and on Hutton Roof Common.  Cold NNW wind today, movement will probably pick up once the wind dies down.

Sketch with Notes from March 2013 (Click over to enlarge)