Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tree Pipits arrive..

Tree Pipit (Anthus trivialis) Click over to enlarge
Photo: Kindly supplied by C K Bell Images (check out more of Craig's images by clicking here

Thursday April 20th 2017 - Dalton Crags and Lancelot Clark Storth (CWT) 0900hrs to 1200hrs

Another Blackcap calling around Plain Quarry.  I think they are all back now!  Still waiting for the beautiful Garden Warblers which should grace us anyday now. A new Chiffchaff on territory and singing immediately at the bottom of the lower Dalton Crags. Also Bullfinch pair in the same area. Had at least 50 calling Willow Warblers this morning - seemed to be from every available branch.  I can say without doubt that all the local breeders and now back and are now very busy! Primroses everywhere (good crop this year!), but the less common Cowslips are now starting to show especially at the bottom of the Dalton upper (deforested) area. Male and Female Stonechat again seen, usual places.  Just one Wheatear today on Wheatear plain - thought to be the larger "Leucoorhoa" variety. Found more Parsley Piert in LCS and recorded. Also more Rue Leaved Saxifrage and recorded. Some nice Early Purple Orchids are showing at all the regular spots. Also a nice setting for Wood anemone set within the shallow gryke. Blackcap calling from Cattle Crush area along with established Chiffchaff. Goldcrest calling from usual spot. A cracking morning...... ALSO first Swift back in the UK and reported flying over the Chew Valley a couple of days ago....

Wood Anemone set within Gryke on Lancelot Clark Storth
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Early Purple Orchids starting to come through (Click over to enlarge)

Wednesday April 19th 2017  - Dalton Crags, Hutton Roof and Lancelot Clark Storth (CWT) (0930 to 1600hrs)

Enjoyed taking a small private party around Dalton and Hutton Roof which included Sue and Will who were from the West Coast of the USA.  They were keen birdwatchers and had spent time this week also over at Leighton Moss.  They really enjoyed everything not just the birds, but the flowers and the spectacular "geological hidden gems".  Just one disappointment in that they really wanted to see the "yaffler" our Green Woodpecker and yes he was going at it calling regular but could we find him in view could we Eck!!

Our first "Leucorrhoa" Wheatear have arrived with two birds - as usual both males. I find it strange that in 4 out of 5 birds they will always be males....  Our Stonechats could be seen regularly flying off their precarious perches to gather things from the floor and then straight back up on a different wobbling perch. Two Tree Pipits back and calling at the bottom of Dalton deforested.  Two separate Meadow Pipits straight through on a North Westerly routing.

Tuesday Apil 18th 2017 - Easedale Tarn, Grasmere (all day)

Sour Milk Gill, Grasmere (Click over to enlarge)

On the way up to Easedale Tarn (Click over to enlarge)

I was hoping to hear "Tree Pipits" on the bottom sides of Helm Crag (ideal habitat) and will be full of them little beauties when they decide to come!

A Dipper loving it just "bobbing" about on various large stones which I am sure he would have known just like the back of his ........! a few upland Meadow Pipits seen and heard and pairs of Crows dotted here and there, but other than a few "Herdwick" sheep there was little else....

Monday April 17th 2017 - Dalton Crags

It was lovely to see and hear a Tree Pipit singing away at the bottom of Dalton Crags from that same tree he has used now for three years or more. I guess for me the song from the Tree Pipit has got to be my favourite along with the Skylarks and the Garden Warblers.

His song was being delivered from the uppermost branch of a 30ft tree, and usually when I hear him he is doing is fabulous parachuting display at the same time as singing.  That was not the case today, he remained perched at the top with no display on offer. I also checked the other sites in Dalton Crags (upper) but I could not see any further Pipits.

That beautiful Tree Pipit sound can be heard by CLICKING HERE

Another page from my notes back in 2012

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