Thursday, 13 July 2017

69b Orchid found yesterday is a beauty! (12th July 2017)

Eggar Moth just drying out and emerging on Hutton Roof today - larger than I thought 2" plus

Wednesday 12th July 2017 - Hutton Roof 1200hrs to 1630hrs

Butterflies today included Ringlets, Large Skipper, March Browns, Dark Green Fritillaries and several Graylings. I also saw the above "Eggar" moth which seemed to be just emerging. Also today had a bonny little spider land on me.

I believe it is a young spider of the Metellina family
The Carline Thistles are out everywhere and really look well at the moment, its like lumps of gold shining in the sun and staring up at you! lots and lots this year.

Carline Thistle (Click over to enlarge)
I found this beauty yesterday and now called 69b.  It is about 10" high and here is the photograph

69b on 12th July 2017 (Click over to enlarge)
A close up of 69b on 12th July 2017
A lovely atrorubens growing through a cowpat
(Click over to enlarge)
Here is 17L another lovely specimen which has large leaf structure and is surrounded by other plants which have the same bold.  Probably being under canopy gives it some good magenta colouring in the flowers.

Specimen 17L today 12th July 2017
Here is 69 a beautiful hybrid with large "Helleborine" leaves and is almost hidden by a nearby hazel bush.  Also the beautiful 69a and 69b are within a metre of this specimen.

69 a lovely hybrid - Helleborine leaves