Monday, 2 March 2020

Diary post for End of Feb and up to 2nd March 2020

2020 was a poor year for this particular Daphne Mezereone
Holme Stinted Pastures, Hutton Roof. 
Left side was how it looked in 2019 and Right side how it was a few days ago.

40 plus Skylarks still "held up" in fields Vicarage Ln, BIK

Well well, I have never seen this before, the Skylarks are actually collecting on the local fields and today I had over 40 still held up and obviously waiting for the conditions to be right before they make there way to their closeby breeding grounds.  Usually I would expect the birds to be back on territory and singing away from as early as 1st February and any date up to about mid-February.....

Daphne Mezereone poor showing on "Holme Stints"

A couple of days ago I went over to Holme Stinted Pastures to check out the Daphne Mezereone and to be honest I wasnt really expecting what I was about to see, obviously it seems like it must be a very poor year for our local Daphne.  I have combined a photo from last year when it was in good flower with this years photo so you can see the difference. (see header photos).

Just got back from checking our the Hutton Roof (East) specimens and the good news is they are still all alive and I would say flowering to their normal.  I have obviously left it late this year, perhaps a fortnight or so too late, but still I can do the counts.

I had never realized up to a couple of years ago thats Its down to this current year how well the plant does for next year.  The key is how well it produces leaves and photosynthesis.  I guess it would be so easy to blame more recent weathers for highs and lows, but no that is not always the case!

The results for the Hutton Roof (East) "Daphne" specimens for 2020 are as follows:

The beauty which is near the track has come through with quite a lot of flowers (approx 200) which is probably on a par with last year. Here is a photo of how it looked on 13th February 2020 (photo thanks to Robin Currie.

Daphne Mezereone from over Hutton Roof (East) Ref No.1
Photo: Robin Currie on 13th February 2020

 And below are a couple of photos which I took today 2nd March 2020

This again is Ref No.1 but today 2nd March 2020 (200 flowers approx)

 This is Ref 2 (inside) at top (flowers 94 approx)
Photo taken 2nd March 2020

 This is Ref 3 at top on inside (just the one flower)
Photo taken 2nd March 2020

This is Ref No. 4 half way down inside (10 flowers approx)
Photo: 2nd March 2020

 Ref No. 5 bottom inside (approx 50 flowers)
Photo: 2nd March 2020

Another from Ref 5.

Poor Froggies!

Poor Froggies are getting squashed again, found the second so far at the entrance to our Close. I found the first one about two weeks ago, and another one only yesterday (Sunday 1st March). Its that time of the year again when they are crossing roads and openings on their way to their breeding pools. I guess there are guys all over the country on Toad and Froggy patrol each evening..... ESPECIALLY on wet evenings..

But not alls bad news, look at the small bullrush pond, I took this a couple of days ago.....

 Frog Spawn on Holme Stints
Photo taken a few days ago...

Big Movements of Pink Footed Geese and Whooper Swans being reported heading North up the East coast over this last couple of days, I wonder if we will get them here? usually get a few.......(2nd March 2020)

Don't you get some nice colouring with the Hollies and the Ivys

 "Veinage" or "Veining"