Wednesday, 23 September 2020

"Britain's Orchids " by Sean Cole and Mike Waller with artwork by Sarah Stribbling



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Varieties of our local Hutton Roof Gentians and the reason for the 50/50 Purple and White, plus my research survey results. Plus "Upland Enchanters Nightshade (circae x intermedia)

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Northern Greenland Wheatear (Oenanthe o. leucorrhoa)
Crossbills (chicks in late December etc)

It was great to see our friend Chris Packham jumping up and down with joy when he reviewed the new orchid book ‘Britain’s Orchids’ by Sean Cole and Mike Waller.  He had nothing but praise for the book stating that it was ‘fantastically detailed”. If you do want to see Chris reviewing the book then please go to: (please make sure to scroll along to 1 hour and 19 minutes and then you dont miss anything)

I was even more chuffed to see that Chris had even picked the Dark Red Helleborine to be one of his review pages, whilst at the same time highlighting one of my own photograph contributions to the book which depicts the rare yellow form of atrorubens or maybe better known variety which many of us call by its historic name Pallens.

Not just Chris was jumping up and down with joy, but I like many others around the country are so pleased on how the book as turned out, with so much valuable information on every orchid species and not just the flower, but to include the early rosettes, the leaf build and their markings, and were possible to give so many photographic examples of both variety and hybrids of all taxons. 

I can see why orchid lovers are already snapping up the original paintings from Sarah Stribbling who has contributed the artwork to the book. Her work is outstanding with every plate showing clear definition and brilliance, the patience and skill she has afforded to these are a credit.

I have only spent a couple of hours so far glancing through the book with the very exception of the 'atrorubens' which I have checked from start to finish, but do intend to spend a lot of time on this book going from cover to cover and trying to digest the wealth of knowledge kindly passed on through these two great orchid lovers. The book just as to be a winner with all orchid lovers especially within the UK whether they be early day orchid students or the more mature student. 

I must say by having this book in my possession that I do feel far more confident now towards help with identifications even the more intricate varieties