Monday, 30 November 2009

Starling roost at Leighton on Nov 30th 2009 and leaving roost on Dec 1st (estimated 50,000)

Tonight was a spectacular sight for anyone who was at the side of the road on the open area which overlooks the Egrets roost.

The Starlings were forming up right from the word go and most of the activity was at this top end. Some spectacular "plumes" which probably estimated some 10-15 thousand birds would come low and right over the road, this happened on two occasions.

Probable conservative estimate would be for about 30-40,000 birds present in tonights roost. (Please click over photos to enlarge)

Above we have two more Starling roost photos but from this morning showing them leaving the roost at approx 0747-0750hrs on a very frosty morning 1st Dec 2009.  My estimation after seeing them this morning is probably in excess of 50,000......