Monday, 16 November 2009


We enjoyed visiting Grasmere, the home of "Wordsworth".  Our first port of call was a visit to the Wordsworth graves at St Oswalds Churchyard. Here on the right is a photo of William's grave (Click over photos to enlarge). If you want to look at the other "Wordsworth family graves please click here. Thankfully it managed to keep fine, and before leaving the Churchyard,  we paid a visit to the beautiful little church to say a prayer, and have a look around. (Click over links to see more photos)

You could not go into the Churchyard without first noticing the World famous "Gingerbread Shop", this little building which was once the School where Wordsworth taught...

After a stroll through the main street past the Red Lion and the Wordsworth Hotels, we set tracks for "Dove Cottage" which was probably about a good 15 minute walk or so, but not much further. Nowadays the whole area around "Dove Cottage" is a mighty complex, with large Museum area, catering and many other facilities.

We spent very little time here, and decided to have walk around the full perimeter of the Grasmere Water.  It took maybe one and a half hours.  We enjoyed the walk very much and we thought we might even give it another bash sometime over the Christmas period. On the way round we met up with Mute Swans, lots of Mallard and even some male and female Tufted Duck and also a very tame Robin which allowed me to take a photo..also there was a large Rowan with a built in shelter.
We finished off at a very pleasant little cafe which sold lots of rare authentic teas from all over World and also had boats for hire.

Whilst at the Cafe, they were lots of Mallard (see photo below) and lots of pretty tame Jackdaws.

The Dog Lichen (right) - Peltigera species was found at several places growing on the walls at the top end of Grasmere water.