Monday, 14 June 2010

Hale Moss (west side of A6) & then White Creek

Just checked into the Hale Moss Nature Reserve (West side of A6 - accessed from road leading down by the side of the Wildlife Centre) (which borders the A6).

After parking the car I checked out the first small damp field area on the left and there where about ten Common Spotted Orchid in part flower. Crossing over to the other side and checking out the small woodland area, the Herb Paris is well past its best, there are probably up to ten plants here. Also some Common Twayblade. Now passing on through the next gate and into the reserve proper you can't help but notice a grand array of Ragged Robin which is fairly widespread throughout the marshy field on your left, just before reaching the small water area. Yellow Flag is growing fairly well on the Eastern boundaries of the reserve.. also quite close to the western side of the mere was several Common Spotted Orchid, and closeby there was just one beautiful specimen of the Northern Marsh Orchid. Bugle is still showing here.

Then on to Whitecreek to search out more flowers. I couldnt help but be attracted to the noise of shuffling of leaf litter in the undergrowth, which turned out to be Mr. Mole... (see photo), I cant ever say I recall seeing one above ground (alive that is!).

There was some Dryad's Saddle fungi in the woodland at Whitecreek (see photo). in fact where two specimens of similar size (about 24" in diameter)..