Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Staveley, Dales Way, Bowness to Windermere - 15th June 2010

We did the 8 mile walk from Staveley to Bowness and finish at Windermere, via the Dales Way. As usual it was a lovely walk for a lovely warm day. We had lunch at "Fell Plain", past Crag House, and Outrun Nook. Eventually we headed through Low Cleabarrow and came to our resting point which was at the side of a large duckpond (see photo), which had some strange looking mixed variety Mallard, a very small Tufted Duck (see photo) and at least two Coot (with young). A lovely "chill out spot", before heading down into Bowness and then heading up towards Windermere to catch the 555 bus back to Burton In Kendal. Heres three photos: 1) of the lovely scenery near Crag House Area 2) The Duckpond near Low Cleabarrow 3) The Tufted Duck.