Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Marsh Orchids and Various

I started the day right with lots and lots of Orchids. The majority of them were Northern Marsh Orchids, and there could well have been up to 3000 spread about. Also I do believe at this site there is also Southern Marsh Orchid. Here are some of the photos, please click over to enlarge.

In the afternoon I moved over to Lancelot Clark Storth on Hutton Roof/Dalton Crags side. Here also there seemed to be lots going on with at least Ten, Pearl Bordered Fritillaries Butterflies, One Common Blue. Also lots of Common Cow wheat (but no so common), Common Milkwort, Bloody Cranesbill and first showing of Eyebright.
The Lily of the Valley have finished in flower. Heres some photos from this afternoon.