Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Orchid Feast or a Orchid Famine (12th July 2011)

A Orchid Feast or a Orchid Famine. (12th July 2011)

Last year a million smiling faces shone there on that spot,
All where different, I could get to know each of you with time,
You made it light, you make it cheerful, your pink or lilac, or even white,
It was to be the best you would give, before it became your “last post”.

I came again the following year, excited, can’t wait to see you all again,
But what’s this! How can this be? You have gone away and not returned,
A remnant of you, have managed to get through, to pass the message from all,
Of how this is not what you wanted, and you really did want to be here.
“And so you cry, we cannot see the tears you so cruelly have to bear!
Whilst your dark secrets are underground, strangulation beneath our very feet.

Your very ground, was so sacred and special to some, it now feels so lonely,
Darn the Willow and darn the horsetails, nature can be so cruel, for you,
I shall never forget the old days, of all your smiling delicate defined faces,

(And here are some photos of how it was on July 8th 2010, and also here are two photos of how it was yesterday July 12th 2011 - The Orchids are almost gone..... Click over photos to enlarge, and then click again to supersize)