Saturday, 23 July 2011

Squinancywort (22nd July 2011)

Squinancywort (22nd July 2011)

On Dalton Crags I looked for thee - Squinancywort,
Where all short grass exposed, I searched but not in sight.
I know you’ve been recorded past, but not here today.

To Trig, and further on the Roof, I found you yet again,
In thousands and thousands you stretched the scree,
By, seventy seven paces across, and Twenty down.

You and your friend, Thyme, have claimed this slope,
And now, Squinancywort you have given us all hope,
For such a rarity as thee, so privileged we are all to see

(Please click over photos once to enlarge, or click yet again to supersize - Top two photos are Squinancywort and the bottom a Burnet Moth)