Monday, 22 April 2013

Skylark, Pipit and Warbler News from 22nd April 2013

This sketch is to try and adapt what went on, during one of my observation one day when I witnessed a Skylark was screaming through the air, whilst being chased with a Merlin not far behind. The Skylark just had time to make a vertical lift, which he kept on doing whilst being chased by the Merlin.  Yet the Merlin just could not cut the air like the "Lark" and lost out tremendously on the wider revolutions he was having to make, all allowing the Skylark to gain more height and eventually, the Merlin got tired and gave up. 
This is a sketch I did a while ago, although I have revamped it a little, because it reminded me about how well the Skylark lifts and cuts the air.  But it was last week whilst walking down through Dalton deforested the wind was almost blowing me back at about 50 mph, yet I looked over to Crag House side and guess what! "Sky" the lark was cutting the air vertical in the straightest line you could imagine without even "flinching".  How could that be possible in such strong winds?

And some years ago I also saw the "skylark" ascend with great haste whilst being harassed by a Merlin, and again noticed on that witness, that he cut the air so vertical and with such speed.  The Merlin although fast just was not fast enough and loosing height against the Skylark on each revolution because of its wider circumference flight circle...... and thus the Skylark got away to see another day.

This morning "Sky" the lark was really enjoying himself with a wide repertoire which mainly included the Tree Pipit which arrived back a few days ago.

Check out the recent postings below:

Monday April 22nd 2013 (Burton In Kendal)

0600-0715hrs (Wind: 15mph SW) Although there was a good early morning "Dawn Chorus", this did not include any Warblers, it was predominently the Blackbirds and the Robins. Odd hirundines present over Tanpits and a pair at Russell Farm. Shortly be going up Dalton Crags and Hutton Roof.

0845hrs-1000hrs (Wind: 18mph S and SW) Plain Quarry to Trig and back
There were a couple of Willow Warblers calling and also still only one Chiffchaff part calling just behind Plain Quarry, but seen in the close company of another Chiffchaff which only made the contact "whit" call, but again most stuff quite subdued and not singing or singing in part only.  The winds are here again today with 15-18mph SW and cold with it again today, I think perhaps this low temperature is also playing a big part in the subdued calling bird behaviour being currently witnessed.

1000hrs-1015hrs (Wind: 18mph SW) Railway Bridge near Cinderbarrow (Tarn Lane)
A male Blackcap singing well with fast scratchy bubbly mixed calls, from the same place as recorded last year.  Also calling in the background both Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler with both Robin and Dunnock joining in.

Tuesday April 23rd 2013 (Burton In Kendal)  "Greenland Wheatear Arrive"

0600hrs-0700hrs (Wind: 15-20mph WSW) Still strong winds hampering close Warbler listening, but did still manage to hear a new Willow Warbler, calling from either Burton House, or The Creamery or Hordley House, need to try and pin this one down during the next few days. Also some more good news with "Mo" the Chiffchaff calling from Hordley House.  Also a new this year Willow Warbler calling from Curwen Wood, Piper Lane entry. A Swallow seen back on territory at Oakwood Farm.

0900hrs-1100hrs (Wind: 16-18mph WSW) (Plain Quarry to Trig and return)

A long established Willow Warbler has returned and singing close to the steps up to the viewpoint at the back of Plain Quarry.  One of Plain Quarry's Blackcaps has returned and is singing to the Dalton Side (usual place). Craig the Chiffchaff is singing from around the same spot.

On my way up to the Trig, found four "Greenland Wheatear" had returned and seen in their regular spot.  On my way back down the numbers had increased to six birds.  Difficult but would say five males and one female. Four of the males where the dusky blue back colour, where one was a lovely light slate blue with a very light coloured forehead.

Also a Small Tortoishell Butterfly seen in Plain Quarry car park.

1315hrs - 1600hrs (Wind: 12mph WSW) Slape Lane, Holme Quarry Nature Reserve, Clawthorpe Fell.

Chiffchaff  "Thorpy" from Holme Nature Reserve, Clawthorpe was heard calling, also two Willow Warblers present.