Saturday, 13 April 2013

Some of Our Chiffchaffs are Back

Friday April 12th 2013 - Please click over sketch to enlarge
Friday April 12th 2013 - Arrival of the Chiffchaffs 

Spent most of the morning checking out our Chiffchaffs on Dalton Crags and on Lancelot Clark Storth. There were definately none at the regular sites yesterday, so there must have been a substantial fall during last night because it was great news today with:

Craig having returned to the Plain Quarry area (Dalton), Summer has returned to the Summer House (Dalton), also a full compliment in the Pickles Wood/Lancelot areas with all three having returned and singing, Lance, Clarky and Miss-A-Note. Miss-A-Note the most easily identified is again within her usual area.

Also had a Eurasian Wheatear, first seen at the top of the deforested quite near the wall, and again saw a little later sat on the top of the Trig Point.

Marsh Tits are again doing really well from within the Pickles Wood area of Lancelot.

Saturday April 13th 2013 (Burton In Kendal)
 The Tanpit's Song Thrush has now not been seen or heard singing in a morning for the past couple of days.  It has sung from the same tree every morning at the same time and has now stopped.  This is expected, as the ones in Dalton all finished singing from their individual hotspots about two weeks ago, although they will continue to sing at various times of the day but now more on a Ad hoc fashion, rather than a reliability early morning singing.  Does this mean that breeding is well on its way and there is not the same need for his early dynamic presence!

0630hrs  "Lee" the Thornleigh Chiffchaff has returned during the night and could be heard singing this morning from his most favourite of trees at the Stable Cottage.  Lee has been the first bird back in Spring during 2011 and 2012, but this year poll position was taken up with yesterdays arrivals of Craig and Summer at Dalton, along with Lance, Clarky and Miss-A-Note in Lancelot.

0645hrs  Heard my first Willow Warbler singing, but only in a sample offering of song from the Dalton Hall area.

0900hrs - 1200hrs
Nice to see a pair of Goldcrest at Plain Quarry. Chiffchaff Craig singing away near Plain Quarry. Checked out the area East of Plain, but still no Tree Pipits.  One Redpoll crossing to East.

On going up through deforested I did expect a Tree Pipit because Sky the lark was including "Tree Pipit" descending calls in his most admirable repertoire. I remember back to last year and when you heard him including the Tree Pipit part song, usually the species was about, but not today.

A Song Thrush near to the Curwen Seat on Slape and Pickles Wood, was really going through his splendid repertoire at times coming very near to the "Trimphone" call, and I wondered if this was the same bird I used to hear doing this call, not far away but further along in Pickles Wood.

Several Marsh Tits again quite noticeable around the Pickles Wood areas.  Chiffchaffs Lance and Clarky singing away, but no sound from Miss-A-Note.  Also a pair of Long Tail Tits in Pickles Wood.

1100hrs. Whilst crossing over at Taylors Fields, I noticed lots of Meadow Pipits blogging in the field, there must have been around 30 or 40.  And I spent over half hour counting Meadow Pipits which were pouring over sometimes in parties of 5s and 6s all coming from a SW direction. I had 86 birds in half an hour, also some Linnets and Chaffinch.  I have previously seen stuff using this routing and sort of turning near to Russell Farm and Cottage and then heading towards Curwen Wood or Farleton.  This passage is definately worth checking out further.  Wind today light South West.

Sunday April 14th 2013 (Burton In Kendal)

Two Swallows hawking about over Russell Cottage, Dalton at 1900hrs. Not seen the following morning, so they could have moved on. Was monitoring to see if they were part of the Russell Farm breeding stock.

Not our area, but is a very interesting record: 

Thrush departure witnessed on the East Coast (by Keith Clarkson to Vismig). A very big thrush departure this evening from 2000hrs onwards with 2,250+ Redwing and 275 Blackbird, and 50+ Fieldfare East over Hunmanby Gap coasting East towards Flamborough Head.  Wave after wave of Redwing, typically with small groups of Blackbird tagging on the rear, What a spectacle - all went quiet by 2045hrs.

Monday April 15th 2013 (Burton In Kendal)

0615hrs A song thrush was in full song in the gardens to the rear of Orchard House, probably with territory in Hardley gardens. Chiffchaff Lee was singing away from the garden next to his usual at Stable Cottage.

0630hrs Although dry, (threatening rain), the wind is very strong (SW 18-20mph) and preventing good hearing, but can confirm that Chiffchaff Storm is back and now singing from behind the cottages in Dalton hamlet, his usual place.

0645hrs  A really beautiful "full varied range" songs were coming from a Song Thrush in the garden of Whitestones in Clawthorpe.

1645hrs  Archie the Chiffchaff has arrived back at Orchard Close, also Chiffchaffs Hilda and Lisa plus another one out Hilderstone.  Also the Canal Chiffchaffs (2) across from the Station Pub. Goldcrest singing close to Tarn Lane (on Hilderstone side near kennels).  First large bumblebee seen. Several Swallows going through at 50-60ft over the Moss Fields at Hilderstone (usual place) all heading North with a South Westerley side on wind.