Sunday, 22 December 2013

Seasons Greetings to all

The Saturday preceding Christmas 2013

Thrushes are darting over the hedgerow,
Good job its cars on the road and not a bus,
One, then another, then a pair, until a dozen passed,
So low down and skimmed the car roof Into Curwen.

Further on,  passing Endmoor and Summerlands,
And even further to where the road bends,
Whilst watching out for the White Crow,
And just on cue you was there among the rest,
You stood out, to welcome a Christmas best.

And further on past Oxenholme and Nat
And just before the asda roundabout,
Looking up into the snowy sky,
There were Seven Swans a Flying,

On reaching Wainwrights “happy” Kendal,
I could here the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”,
Followed by “Get your Big Issue Here”,
And brass did play across the road,
To welcome Christmastide.

Ho Ho Ho!
It hailed with stones as big as beans,
Whilst winds blew and rains came as well,
And thunder and lightening too,
Then “One almighty bang” was heard,
And all the lights and electric was gone,
And plunged into darkness all around.

And on that very second “Santa” appeared,
He came around that corner on his sleigh,
With lights so bright, and carols so clear,
Whilst shouting lots of words of cheer.
And waved to all the children, one by one.
Ho Ho Ho…
( Experienced on 18th December 2013 approx 1930hrs - Burton In Kendal.)

So late the "Bombus"

Last Saturday the 14th December 2013,
So late your appearance caused a stir,
I had to look twice to make sure.
You must have been one inch and a half in size,
And you seem to hover at times,
You are so nosy, your checking out all around,
In and out of the leaf litter on the verges,
Then you went in one hole and you were gone!

It must have been so mild this year your majesty!
The queen of (bombus) – the great big black bumblebee.
 (21st December 2013) and for the records – so so late!