Sunday, 29 December 2013

Happy New Year

Just days away from another New Year,
Already there has been snowdrop cheer,
And lots of other wintering buds will start,
Like Winter Aconite and hellebores

You may see the ermine leaping and hunting,
For what a stoat in their new coat gloat,
Whilst listening for the squeaks it seeks
Amongst the forest or open floor.

Looking out for mistletoe on the trees,
a rare site it would be for one to see,
The host is apple, then hawthorn and lime,
Levens or by the Kent it climbs.

Rudolf has been and gone for now,
And time for our doe of the roe to bow
Whilst she doth run as sweet as heart
O’er hill or dale she will take her part.

Robin is singing whilst pouting his breast,
It’s orange, not red to put to the test,
No fighting today or angry mood,
Today its peace and hostility cease.

The Holly and the Ivy with holly berries bright,
And ivy slowly spiralling up the tree whilst clinging tight,
Stretching out in silence a new vein is born,
And yet its still the Holly who wears the crown….  

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year