Thursday, 9 January 2014

Some of todays stories!

(Burton In Kendal)

Keep stopping to check above my head,
Hoping to catch view of passing geese.
For anyday now the skeins will start, of,
Pink Feet going from East to West.

(About 10 minutes after writing this down,
Guess what went directly over my head,
30 Pink Footed Goose, came in from the NE,
distantly noisy and out to the  South/SSW……
And further across from behind Arnside,
Another couple of skeins of 50 or more)

Some village Rooks are guarding their old nest,
Whilst others are canvassing a spot and sit, tight,
And you can hear them, discussing party stories,
Yet times raising their tone, to tell the encroacher,
Now clear off, this is my spot.

I must have spent a good ten minutes,
Squeaking a stoat, not ermine.
He stopped in his tracks and bobbed his head,
To stare with wonder whilst smacking his lips,
In and out, In and out of that hole or hiding,
At times he would stand and stretch so high,
Like a mere cat stance with lots of glance.
Now be off with thi, I’d shout, he’d run away.

On Slippery the Celandine is sprouting early,
Already a carpet of dotted green cress,
Your one of the first I know, but January!
Can’t have you beating the snowdrops and daffs,
So get back in the queue please and wait your turn,
I’m still checking out the odd “owd” fern.