Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Greyfriars Bobby and Greyfriars Kirkyard

"Greyfriars Bobby"
Its New Years Eve and there is only one place to be,
So North across the border to Edinburgh,
Only two hours on Virgin from Oxy to Wav’ly.
Got to spit on the “Heart Of Midlothian” custom says,
Met the World’s most “pierced” lady "Guinness" said, 
Colourful but didn't frighten me! Well that was,
Until she pulled her tongue out..

Wanted to meet dear Bobby at Grayfriars
Found his statue, then found his grave, and
Found his master John Gray’s grave has well,
And found the sextons grave as well, who....
befriended Bobby throughout those lonely fourteen years!
Whilst “Bobby” stood loyal guard to his dead masters grave.

Besides Bobby, Grayfriars Kirk was a very special place,
With lots of much decorated tombs of notability all around,
Poets, Earls, Regent, Lord advocates, Judges, Covenanters, and,
the "naughty" Sir George Mackenzie's poltergeist, were
strange things have happened close by his mausoleum,
and “mortsafes” shackle graves to stop the grave robbers.

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"Bobbys Grave"

World's most pierced lady

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