Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nature Notes for Saturday February 22nd 2014

Nature Notes for Sat Feb 22nd 2014
(Dalton Crags to Trig, Lancelot circular)

Starting below the Crags, such lovely song,
Poured out from the uppermost of that birch,
The throstle has started singing for another year.
Yafflers one and later two called out nearby,
Buteo in stealth did glide above, and so close.
Recent coppicing, before you reached the head.

Deforested entered to such a welcome,
So clear a song from dear “Sky” the lark,
Usual place just East to “Line of Trees”,
Then another sung nearby and just as sweet.
Same place two Snipe got up startling “Chrew”
Then further up another Snipe zig zagged away.
Sweet Dunnock calling near the top.

Into Lancelot with Blue Tits scolding, and
Anthills all around for badger or yaffler!,
Windswept Yews leaning to their East,
Jays jostling and screaming blue murder,
Thinking! I love the Roe, but hate their ticks,
A Woodcock, got up so noisy as they do,
Chaffinch passed over and Redwing close.