Thursday, 27 February 2014

Nature Notes for week up to 27th February 2014

Over the last two weeks, on most days Skylarks,
have been counted going over, mainly in pairs,
but sometimes in larger parties.

I have watched the Lark named “Sky” and his mate,
Who resides in Dalton on the Crag House side,
Every time a passing Lark or Larks go past,
They fly up with haste and escort them through their territory!
A similar situation you will see with the Mipits when they arrive.

Another thing which certainly has not gone unnoticed,
Is although most of the Skylarks have passed overhead
To the North directions, on three separate occasions now,
I am seeing singles or parties of Larks heading South.

At the top of Lancelot, a large party of  Squabbling male Blackbirds,
which I have took to be migrants. Also had a party of approximately
30 Fieldfare near to Russell Farm at Dalton, they have been around 
there now for a day or two. Expect them to be going back anytime now.

Frogs have been on the move to find their breeding ponds,
There is a annual crossing close to where I live at Glebe Close,
And I try and help them on the way, moving them out of the road,
When I get chance, but even so there are still lots of casualties.
Up to now I have found at least nine large specimens flattened
When I have passed in a morning, and that’s just so far this year.
Sadly for them instead of passing over the small road to their pond,
They just seem to sit there in the middle of the road.

Took some friends to check out the Holly Ferns (27th Feb), and Holly Fern
No.2 has been nibbled off close to the ground, by what I presume
would have been Roe Deer. Nice to see new base fronds starting to appear.

(28th February update) Not now noticing any Meadow Pipits on territory
at Trig Point or crossing over. I wondered perhaps if they have crossed 
further over into Farleton and forming large groups.