Monday, 10 March 2014

Nature Notes up to March 10th 2014.

"Daphne Mezereone in full bloom"

Most days last week there have been Skylarks going through mainly to the North, but odd pairs going South or South East. 

Last Saturday March 8th 2014 

I suprised a "Jack Snipe" just above the BAP seat in Lancelot Clark Storth. It flew off startled with a direct in front flight and slight zig zags from side to side before going back to ground about 100 yards further on. 

Also had a pair of noisy Marsh Tits in Pickles Wood.

Today - Monday March 10th 2014 - Hutton Roof Trig Point

The first proper days Meadow Pipit movement to the North with 9 birds (2,2,3,1,1) over a one hour period.  Perhaps a little slow yet but certainly the move has begun.

Green Woodpeckers are presently very noisy with their "yaffling calls".  Must have had at least half a dozen birds calling today on Hutton Roof.  The birds I did actually see where all immature birds with no crimson showing. 

No Skylarks on passage today, but lots of activity with the local birds on territory. 

Will be checking out the Daphne Mazereone on Wednesday next which I am told have now come out into full flower.

Lots of Lesser Celandine now opened up fully.