Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Broad Leaved Helliborines - Struggling this year!

Did I really think it might be different on this side of Hutton Roof?

It was no good kidding myself any longer, lets get out and see whats going on!.  It soon became apparent that we were going to be down in numbers with only about 60% of the regular Broad Leaved specimens coming through.  Of the ones that had it soon became clear that Mr. Hare had already snipped a large amount of the better specimens. I hope I am accusing the right chap here!  Roe Deer - Cut the stalk straight across or Brown Hare cuts the stalk at a sharp angle!

But the main concerns was that out of all the 25 plants which had so far survived none were showing any flowers and some still had drooping heads, but the majority had straightened out but looked a little weary in comparison to other years.

I think most of these are going to struggle this year to even flower.  Already a lot of them are going over and showing burnt edges to the leaves etc.  One particular plant when you look very close it is already showing signs of going over before it has actually had chance to open up.  (see photo)

This plume is already showing problems and I think this could well be the outcome of most plants

The next photo of a Broad leaved Helliborine is within a small colony which usually come through with lots of "viride" and just one of this population in particular is "pure viride" but sadly this one has already succumb to the predator. But we still have one more to go at which I will show you in the photo below.

Usually a good example of a semi- viride variant helliborine
This is one particular plant I will try and keep my eye on over the coming days because it comes out really green with white flowers with just a "smudging" of purple.  Though to be honest with you I also have reservations about this plant this year because looking very close you can see some burnt edges creeping in.

Below is the first specimen that caught my eye this morning and sure enough further evidence of it going over before it has actually opened up.  The leaves are already looking burnt in places.

Specimen 5 - Note burning on leaves (Click over to enlarge)
Our rare Epipactis phyllanthes is coming on but very slow (as is usual) and below is a shot of the progress so far.

A sad specimen of a "Phyllanthes" will it or won't it!

And to finish off with I have one specially for my good friend Alec.  I don't know why I took a photo but this specimen just looked strange to me at the time.  Maybe its because its going over, but although I know its a Limestone Fern and I had lots within a metre or so away but this little patch looked different somehow with much wider pinnae and lots of purple staining.

Unusual looking "Limestone Fern"