Friday, 14 August 2015

Just another day at the Office!

From Hutton Roof (Kelker side) looking over Whinn Yeates, Farleton and Newbiggin (Click over to enlarge)

(Thursday August 13th 2015)

Another lovely morning and had to get out and head up to guess where?

The sun shining and for a change one or two birds singing with odd Willow Warblers and the screeching of a Jay and the local skies recently have been filled (almost) with Ravens and more so Buzzards.  I think the Buzzards have all come on the scene at the same time from all the local breeding populations because I am seeing plenty of them every day now!  Although I am only too well aware that "foreigners" are also passing through on a daily basis especially at this time of year.  Its a while since we recorded the Honey Buzzard or the Rough Legged Buzzard which do past through these parts along with other rare raptors like the Osprey.

Well most of the Swifts have now departed, although I was lucky enough to see one this morning over the Clawthorpe side of Hutton Root and it gave the impression it was heading East.  So its difficult to say whether this was one of the locals or just a bird passing through.  Scores of hirundines (both Swallow and Martin) were hawking the area.  It always is a good area for insect food around this time of the year and generally you will hear lots of chatterboxes above your head enjoying themselves on the large amounts of flies.

"Heading along a footpath being encroached,
Oh! that blinkin bracken is getting everywhere,
Bushwhakking! its the only bushwhakking I will do today,
So take that, and that...

Well you do a bit of that and then you get covered in ticks,
how many ticks do I have to tweeze out tonight then?
Don't want shingly circles, dont want Lymes, keep alert,

Surprising! well not really, everything likes Knapweed!
Five species of Butterfly and bees with ginger bums everywhere!
Knapweed flavoured honey would be nectar! literally.."

Flowers seen today, been checking out the helliborine's but most of them still asleep with their buds tightly closed and I dont think they will flower this year, just the odd one or two making it into flower! Other nice stuff about included: Yarrow, Harebells, Small Scabious, Ladys Bedstraw, tormentil, Self Heal. A really nice patch of Betony at least two metre diameter and tick spread (I mean thick spread)

A pair of Linnets crossing over to the South, a family party of three Kestrels (2 having a go with one another) I'll bet they are the immatures..

Small Skipper, Meadow Brown, Dark Green Fritillary, Small Torts, Green Veined White (not seen many of these this time), also late Ringlets

Autumn fungi is showing up here and there, found a nice white one today tucked under the ledge of limestone, dont know what it is yet!

All Shades of Green has I look East - in the Lupton direction (Click over to enlarge)
A little further around towards the Kirkby Lonsdale, direction