Thursday, 16 March 2017

First Warbler and Catch Ups

Sunday 26th March 2017 - Dalton - Hutton Roof Trig Point

Easterly 3-5mph warmer than yesterday morning.  Very poor passage which faded as the morning progressed. 46 Meadow Pipits in total plus 1 Alba Wagtail heading NW, also heard a Redpoll
Mipits mainly singles or pairs, but also had parties: 2x3,1x6. 19 birds 9 to 10am and 27 birds 10 to 11am.

Saturday 25th March 2017 - Dalton - Hutton Roof Trig Point

Chiffchaffs increased yet again to four now singing from Plain Quarry. Also had 147 Meadow Pipits at Trig on Hutton Roof all heading NW (31 between 9 to 10am and 116 between 10 to 11am. mainly singles and pairs, but also small parties of 5x3,6x4,1x5,1x6,1x8.

This was taken today from the Trig on Hutton Roof looking NW to the Lakes
Friday 24th March 2017 - Dalton - Hutton Roof Trig Point

We now have three Chiffchaffs back in lower Dalton, a further increase of one.

The Meadow Pipits were going through Dalton and Hutton Roof today, but just trickles of mainly singles but a few pairs, yet no parties. Total 23 birds over a couple of hours (0900hrs to 1100hrs) heading NW. Lovely sunny morning and warm down in the bottom, but a 15mph East/North East Wind on the top giving it the occasional "chill factor"

"Sky the lark was busy all the time today,
singing like a "Tree Pipit" amongst his task,
or chasing off passing Meadow Pipits.
He guards that territory with jealous hold
Every now and again he behaved so bold"


Early Purple Orchid rosettes today on Lancelot (Click over to enlarge)

Thursday 23rd March 2017 - Dalton - Hutton Roof - Lancelot (CWT)

Nice to report that at least four Chiffchaffs have arrived back.  Craig and Craggy are back at Plain Quarry Car Park at Dalton and Lance and Clarky are back singing in Lancelot Clark Storth, but we are still waiting for "Miss A Note". Maybe she does not miss a note anymore!

Good to see Meadow Pipits going through regular with maybe about 20 over one hour all heading North West, in the main singles or pairs, but one party of 4.  Missed loads because they were low down when you got up to the Trig point and sort of sneaking between the low hawthorns, the North Easterlies were strong up there today, perhaps 20 to 25 mph. Quite a few settling for the less windy option and using the flanks of Lancelot to cross over.  

Those Easterley - Beasterlies will not stop the flow,
For Mipits today were on the go,
With a "psst psst" here and a "psst psst" there,
and lots of "psst psst" everywhere!

Also had a pair of chakkers (Stonechat) in Dalton deforested, calls from one of the yafflers (Green Woodpecker), Mistle Thrushes, Skylarks singing away and guess what?  a unexpected mover today when I had a Brambling and calling whilst heading North West!  

Also down in Lancelot had a single Long Tailed Tit, probably down on territory with only seeing the single. Also calling Goldcrest (usual place near thowd conifer!)

Yes I mean it when I say "millions" rather than thousands, because that's exactly what there will be when they come through, and the leaves are growing everywhere on HR today,  that's the Barren Strawberry or are they the Wild Strawberry, whichever, they will taste lovely when they start to show by the end of next month. Always something to look forward to, with a "snack on the go"  

Nice Early Purple rosettes forming in Lancelot, Lots of Pretty primrose posies here and there and lots of that beautiful coloured "purple" grass or is it "Blue Moor Grass.

Its been one of those beautiful special mornings which I have enjoyed immensely whilst walking through my weedless garden and gathering Vitamin D here and there whilst listening to the "Chiff Chaff Chitty",  "Chiff Chaff Chitty"

Other photos today:

A  rotting tree trunk base with lots of interesting fungi! (Click over to enlarge)

Is this it! Is this what they call "Blue Moor Grass" (Click over to enlarge)
Sesleria caerulea

Do you remember this slime mould which I found twelve days ago (Click over to enlarge)
well look at the next photo because thats how it is today

A Herd of Whiteness (Click over to enlarge)
I am checking out the skies all the time at the moment in readiness for another "HERD OF WHITENESS" or a "WEDGE" of Whoopers.  Today (22nd March 2017) I have been reading that several parties have been seen heading North West through the County on their way to the Solway and onward perhaps to Iceland!  Also one or two reports of SWALLOWS being seen over Ulverston

Burton In Kendal Chiffchaffs (Click over to enlarge)

Wednesday 15th March 2017 - Dalton Crags (0930hrs to 1100hrs)

Return of our first Chiffchaff (Craig) to Plain Quarry this morning, singing away in a subdued fashion. I guess its about right is the 15th and the date it is first recorded in most years.

Also the "Start" day for the passage of Meadow Pipits with 7 moving across the deforested (upper Crags) towards the North West direction (2,1,2,1,1) plus one already back on territory at the Trig Point on Hutton Roof.   Also had a Marsh Tit calling from the top of the lower Crags.

I can't help but wonder about "Alba Wagtails" which I don't see that many these days on Spring passage but that's probably because of where I am watching from , but looking back to the 80s I can remember from back down in East Lancs I would get scores of them all moving to the North West and they came early with good counts from around the 7th March.

Arnside (1600hrs to 1800hrs approx)

Recorded even more "Ceterach" (Rusty Back Fern) over in Arnside on the Promenade, also went along to the "Coastguard" area to check out the Maidenhair Fern and got this photo of last years produce!

Maidenhair Fern at Arnside (Click over to enlarge)
Last years offering still in reasonable shape!