Thursday, 31 August 2017

Autumn Gentians are about one week away!

Autumn Gentians will be superb in about one week from now (Click over to enlarge)
Thursday 31st August 2017 - Farleton Fell and Holme Park Fell (Hutton Roof) all afternoon

I went out purposefully to check on our mixed colours Autumn Gentians and checked out our main colony which we have on Farleton Fell and sure enough there were about 100 plus in the regular area. Only a couple were in flower and I reckon it will be about one week to ten days before the spectacle happens.

I climbed over the newly erected stile into Holme Park Fell to make my way around in a more circular route, so followed the main old quarry track back down. I could not believe my eyes to what I was about to see with hundreds or probably a thousand or more really good specimens of Autumn Gentian some even about 8" tall like the one in the above photograph.  It was a good mixture of plants some purple but lots and lots of white coloured flowers.  I have put a few of the best photos on here, but would advise if anyone wants to check them out try and get up there in about a weeks time you will not be disappointed!

Also watching a Small Heath which for me was the first of this years second broods.  Also still one or two Grayling enjoying themselves. Also a Brimstone whilst going through Clawthorpe hamlet.

Birds: Odd yaffle from a Green Woodpecker, several Swallows and Martins hawking and that was about it for today.

Another one of the larger Gentians (Click over to enlarge) this one is about 6"x4"