Saturday, 2 September 2017

Wheatears, Linnets and Autumn Gentians (2nd September 2017)

The beautiful "Autumn Gentian" on Holme Park Fell (Hutton Roof) today
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Whilst heading out over Farleton to again check out some of the Autumn Gentians, it was pretty good with the birds and butterflies as well.  It started by having a flock of six Meadow Pipits fly past and I guess they were resting up on their migration, for today they just seemed like a local flock. All morning odd Mipits were taking up so I guess there would be plenty all in all.  Two really nice Linnet flocks 1@20 and 1@24 went past me in a West direction (not sure about these whether on the move or again resting up and local for the day movers), another large party 40 plus of Goldfinch feeding up on some spent Ragwort.  Could hear Curlews twice, high and could not find, but guess it is just about the right time for Curlews moving back to our coast.  The special sight for me today was seeing three Wheatear sat proud and upright on the projecting escarpment on Holme Park Fell what beauties they are and I will try and get up most mornings over the coming weeks, looks a cracking place for Wheatears.  Also put up 3 Skylarks.

Butterflies were also good today with two Wall Brown butterflies on Farleton in fact one was on the wall and easy to photograph. Also had another Small Heath (2nd brood).

Wall Brown on Farleton today (Click over to enlarge)

Wow! I am surprised to see the "Autumn Gentians" flowering so soon! but some really nice spectacles today especially on Holme Park Fell (Hutton Roof), and it can only get better over the coming week. Here are some of the photos showing some of the Gentians.

A beauty with mixed colours (Click over to enlarge)
And showing the beauty with a white plant closeby