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Strange Polypodium interjectum found in Burton In Kendal (17th October 2020)

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Strange Polypodium Interjectum found

in Burton In Kendal (17th Oct 2020)

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(above) This is No.1 frond upperside

The above Polypodium interjectum was found when I was walking up Vicarage Lane in Burton In Kendal.

It seems striking to note the branch off or the pinnae in the outline of a miniature frond. You will see the reverse side of the frond together with plenty of sori in the next photograph.

Strange as it might be, a similar situation was replicated with two further fronds also showing this strange breakdown and you can see the photos below of the others, just so we dont complicate I have numbered the fronds 1,2 and 3.

This again is No.1 frond but showing underside with sori

So one is good but two is always better and here below is yet another one from within the same population.

This is frond No. 2 showing upperside

This is frond No.2 showing the underside with sori

So now we can move on to frond No.3 below

Above is Frond No.3 upperside showing a branched off frond

Above shows Frond No.3 underside showing plenty of sori on the branch off.

This shows the full size of the population in question, you may note one of the strange fronds shows on the bottom line of the fronds just to the right mid centre.
And a further one shows directly above that one but to the top of the photo. Frond 3 was somewhere over in the middle of the left hand side of the population. 

Just another photo above showing the population with the branched frond showing near the bottom to the right of centre.

I thought I should also include this photo which is also from the same population and shows bifid divisions of the pinnae in two separate occasions within the same frond.

Now moving on and leaving that particular population, but if I descend Vicarage Lane about 200 yards, I come to yet another Polypody interjectum population which I found a couple of years ago and that to shows some fabulous natural anomolies, and in particular I found this one (photo below) only a few days ago and again it shows a pinnae trying out frond development.

Now then, these photos below show the other population on Vicarage Lane, but the main points in regards to this particular plant is the bifid divisions which are fantastic as you can see for yourself within the following photos. These photos were taken last year (2019)

It makes me wonder if the two populations are related because of two points, its is quite rare to get similary within variation, but surely it can't just be a coincidence when they are only say approx 200 yards apart from one another.