Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hutton Roof - Visible Bird Migration - Sat Aug 28th 2010.

Sat 28th August 2010
Heavy Showers intermittent.
Wind: NW 8-10 mph.

Although I dont expect to start vis-migging proper until around the middle of September. Today was the National Big Vis Mig weekend, so I decided to do a short count up at Hutton Roof.

It was quite early when I had two small waders come in fast from the East heading SW. I am 90% sure they where Knot. About 0800hrs I had 3 Comic Terns again heading out West, and one Common Snipe heading out SW.

Other stuff this morning was:
Chaffinch 19 (mainly South but 4E)
Goldfinch: 20 (2SE all others W)
Linnet: 3W
Reed Bunting: 1S
Meadow Pipit 5SE and also 20 blogging on Farleton Side.
Greenfinch: 2W
Swallow: 68 (best party 20) mainly going out SE
Comic Tern: 3W
Common Snipe: 1SW
Wader species possible Knot 2W.
Raven 4SE probably local
Buzzard 2S probably local
Woodpigeon 4W probably local
Mistle Thrush: 2 probably local.

(also in conversation with "local keepers wife": She said here husband had seen in recent times up to 20 Yellowhammers coming out of mixed crop planted area (put purposely for pheasant rough)in the Clawthorpe area - Hutton Roof side.) they are very well up on their birding id's...)