Monday, 16 August 2010

Yealand Hall Allottment - 16th August 2010

I had a walk within Yealand Hall Allottments, taking a different route to normal and finding some nice short grazed pasture, hiding between the thick woodlands.
Photos: 1st: a Yellow Waxcap fungi (Hygrocybe persisitens-not 100%), found in a dark spot under dense cover of hazels. 2nd: A Small Tortoiseshell & a Peacock trying to share the feed on a Common Knapweed. 3rd: A Fritillary (either Dark Green or High Brown!) 4th: Lichen found on a large boulder (see 5th) 5th: A large boulder (approx 9ft x 5ft) which seemed to be lying so precarious within a thick Hazel copse. 6th a Leucozona Lucorum feeding on a Buddlea (Butterfly Bush) near the entrance from Yealand Storrs End.