Friday, 6 August 2010

Trowbarrow Old Lime Works Incline, then Yealand Hall Allottments and then Dalton Crags 4th August 2010

I checked out the Helliborines near Trowbarrow Old Lime Works and in total counted 28, some where already in flower (see photo). Also closeby was a good patch of Marjoram, some Hemp Agrimony, Great Willowherb, Hop Trefoil and Eyebright. Also there where Commas, Peacocks, Meadow Browns and a Speckled Wood Butterflies..

I left there and went to another part of the Yealand Hall Allotments to have a good look around but found little. There where some Grayling Butterflies on the limestone pavements and several Peacocks in the vicinity. Also Silverweed, Heath Bedstraw, Hop Trefoil and Wall Rue fern.

Then over to Dalton Crags, where I had Spear Thistle, and I am sure I had Upland Enchanters Nightshade here because in all cases the plant seemed smaller overhall and the leaves where definately smaller than the usual Enchanter's which I see around these parts.. There was also Silverweed, Heather, and English Stonecrop. Once fern I did recognize was the lovely Maidenair Spleenwort, which is well established here..

I also had the small beautiful "Mint Moth" (Pyransta purpuralis) which flew before photographing (but here - below centre, I show one which I photographed at Gait Barrows last year).

Please click over photos once to enlarge, and click again for full enlargement: Top left and right: Broad Leaved Helliborines, middle left: Grayling Butterfly on Yealand. middle right: Common Knapweed flowerhead at Trowbarrow. bottom left: Red Bartsia. bottom middle: a Milk Moth of one similarly seen at Dalton today. and bottom right: A Small Heath Butterfly at Dalton.